E3 2007 Media Blowout - July 11th

To help ConsoleMonster members, they've compiled all the latest media from their E3 coverage for July 11th in to one news post to make it much more faster and accessible to each and every user.

BioShock (360)
Sega Rally (360,PS3)
Killzone 2 (PS3)
Resident Evil 5 (360,PS3)
War World (360)
NBA Live 08 (360,PS3)
Army of Two (360,PS3)


* Blue Dragon Demo
* Ace Combat 6 Demo

Gamer Pictures and Themes

* Halo Wars Gamer Pics (Premium)
* Halo Wars Theme (Premium)
* Project Sylpheed Gamer Pics (60 MS Points)
* Project Sylpheed Theme (150 MS Points)
* Texas Hold 'Em – Picture Pack: Jungle Party (100 MS Points)
* Texas Hold 'Em Theme Pack – Casino 1 (150 MS Points)


* Lost Odyssey Trailer
* Naruto Trailer
* Viva Pinata: Party Animals Trailer
* Project Gotham Racing 4 Trailer
* Civilization Revolutions Trailer
* Too Human Trailer
* Madden NFL 2008 Trailer
* Guitar Hero 3 Trailer
* Beautiful Katamari Trailer
* Crash Bandicoot Trailer
* Empire Earth Trailer
* Sega Rally Trailer
* NHL 2K Trailer
* Bourne Conspiracy Trailer
* NBA Live Go to Moves Trailer
* Halo 3 E3 Trailer
* Halo: Arms Race
* Bomberman Live Trailer
* Call of Duty 4 Trailer

Xbox LIVE Arcade

* Sonic the Hedgehog Xbox Live Arcade
* Golden Axe Xbox Live Arcade

In-Game Content

* Guitar Hero Track Pack 4 (500 MS Points)
* Texas Hold 'Em – Environment: Jungle (150 MS Points)

E3 Expect a lot more in the next couple of days. Let ConsoleMonster know what you think of this media blowout by leaving your comments below.

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