Buy Singularity & Get PROTOTYPE For Free

Activision announced today an awesome promotion for the gamers who will purchase Singularity for the Xbox 360.

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Blaze9292884d ago

Pretty awesome. Prototype was a good game - I hope they bring out a sequel

STREET x KING2884d ago

prototype's gameplay was pretty damn good. good deal!

Cajun Chicken2884d ago

Prototype was freaking awesome and if not the best pure sandbox game I've played since Crackdown. Hell, judging from the previews, I don't even think that Crackdown 2 will be as great as Prototype was.

I loved the way that you could choose how to play the game, Alex had that many forms and moves, the game virtually became a different game as you switched from one form to another.

Patiently awaiting for sequel, this time with a much more how do we say it...plot, intelligence?

On topic,been looking forward to Singularity, sounds like a good old fashioned fun FPS, but with inventive quirks and Raven generally make good stuff.

Excalibur2884d ago

you don't already have the game.