E3: Analysts like Rock Band

The Rock Band and Bethesda parties were crazy last night -- and everyone is ready to go back to work this morning. The analysts who look into their crystal ball and tell us the future seem to be liking Rock Band, the next game from Harmonix. This morning, outside the EA room at LeMerigot, a cluster of analysts were talking and one mentioned the game, "Rock Band, I was watching them play. This guy, on the drums, I mean, you have to be good."

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Satanas3908d ago

How do you guys think this will fair up to Guitar Hero? It has more instruments, but Guitar Hero has a big name/following.

MyNutsYourChin3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

I'm guessing Rock Band will be the game everyone wants but because of its price (if one wants the complete set) I think Guitar Hero III will be the one most people will get, at least initially.

I would love to play/own this game. It looks like it will be outstanding. But personally, I'll let my buddies shell out the money for this game while I purchase Guitar Hero III and a few other games with the money I've saved.

MK_Red3908d ago

Good question. But dont forget that Rock Band has MTV and EA behind it along with creators of original Guitar Hero. They made GH popular so why not RB?
The major problem IMO is the price, if it retails for more than $150 (Rumored around $199 to $299) many people wont buy it.
But who can resist being in a Rock Band?

PS360PCROCKS3908d ago

If people (casual consumers) realize that it's the developers of Guitar Hero it will help, word of mouth will help (thats us) and the fact that this has so many more options can't hurt either...but we'll see Guitar Hero is huge now. I am personally buying Rock Band

Satanas3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Ah, thanks guys -- I didn't actually know it was the same developers, that would explain the huge similarities.

I'm sure if that got out the sales would definitely see a spike. But yeah, chances are if only the guitar part interests someone, they'll probably go with GHIII (price).

PS360PCROCKS3908d ago

Yeah harmonix got in a fight with red octane so they split. Well the cool thing is that if you buy this even if it is more you can always just play the guitar by yourself plus any other part you would like. Plus if your like me (I'm 22 and throw lots of big parties at my house) games like this come in really handy, all my parties already have 10 people stuck to GH2 so this will give them all a chance to play ya know?

Satanas3908d ago

Yeah I can definitely see this being a bigger party game than GH.

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e-ray3908d ago

Yeah, it's going to be easy for me to get personally, because I'll buy an instrument, my roommates will all buy instruments, so it won't be too bad. I'm definitely pumped, this game is going to teach me how to play drums (I already play guitar). I really can't wait, all the included and downloadable music sounds very promising...

MyNutsYourChin3908d ago

That's a good way to do it...

Groo3908d ago

If I get it, I hope I don't break anything....