First 6 Hours of Red Dead Redemption

IGN takes an extended look at the upcoming western game from Rockstar.

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Blaze9293037d ago

First 6 hours? Well damn how long is the game O_O!?

-Ikon-3037d ago

6 hours huh so in other words there 6 hour play test / opening is longer than the last Splinter Cell from start to finish.. Gotcha

Therealspy033037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

maybe you should actually play splinter cell before regurgitating that ridiculous (and false) rumor.

as for this game...i can't decide which to get first; this or alan wake? tough call

EDIT: if he beat it that fast, he played it on easy or normal, and run and gunned it. you can't get away with run n gun on realistic, and no way he beat it in under 9 hours first play through on realistic. took me about 10-11. not counting the co-op or the other modes. so again...stop repeating a BS rumor. even if your brother is magically the most amazing SC:C player on the planet and beat it on realistic in 6 hours, that doesn't take the rest of the content into account. you just wanted to sound witty by taking a cheap shot at a 360 title you didn't play and that you know isn't true. you failed.

-Ikon-3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

5:45 it took my brother to beat it. His 360 with SC is in the next room to me. I also have no reason to play it. Maybe the PS3 version if they do a Sigma type thing..

EDIT: @ Therealspy03
Trying to be witty? LOL no just facts that's all I need and all I discus. Took him 545 normal ( you act like thats bad for 1st play thru )no more no less. You said cant be done yet he did it END OF STORY.

DirtyLary3037d ago

+30 hours and hopefully 2 expansions if RS stays true to form.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3037d ago

Does anyone know if a PC version has been confirmed yet?

If it's coming to the PC I will buy it for that, but if not I will rent it for my 360.

Imalwaysright3037d ago

Only the 360/PS3 versions were announced but i wouldnt be surprised if it comes later for the PC like GTAIV.

Redempteur3037d ago

@dirty lary

i'laugh if there is a trinity diamond mission in these extensions as well

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3037d ago

"Only the 360/PS3 versions were announced but i wouldnt be surprised if it comes later for the PC like GTAIV."

That's what I'm hoping.

I just wish they would make it official (and a time frame would be nice).

mugoldeneagle033037d ago

The last paragraph for those who didn't want to spoil the first 6 hrs but see how IGN reacted like myself:

"Taking around six hours of playtime – with head down and doing our very best to avoid New Austin's many distractions, all of which will be covered in a forthcoming preview - those opening moments of John Marston's adventure are at once familiar and unique, with the tropes of past Grand Theft Auto games given fresh life by the deftly executed period trappings. But what's also familiar is the brilliance on display in a game that's looking every bit a worthy successor to Grand Theft Auto IV"

Can't wait!

badz1493037d ago

about the SC length, how can you still say that it's a rumor when almost all reviews stressed on it and the game is already out for god sake!

on topic, being a sandbox games, having a longer campaign is a kinda normal thing! I think the campaign will take around 30h if played normally but of course not 100% just like GTA!

Therealspy033037d ago

i guess it's cuz i HAVE the game. and i've easily invested 30+ hours in it. and like i said, i believe you can do it on easy and normal in 6 hours. but if you're playing a splinter cell game on anything but realistic, you're a total noob and really have no business playing it in the first place. it's a stealth action game...not a run n gun. fine if you wanna play it like that. but don't set the game to normal, run around just taking tons of bullets and spraying in every direction then say the game is short. you can cheap your way through a lot of games. like...lets say...metal gears solid 4 for example. great game right? there are people who can play it on the hardest mode and beat it under 6 hours. imagine if they did it on normal. 4 hours? you can do that a lot of games. but you aren't appreciating the experience when you do it like that. and that is my point. i know all you ps3 fanboys love to rip on every 360 game in any way you can, and this is just another one of those cases. so let me say this. some of the games that your camp brags about being great, are MUCH shorter than splinter cell and often have no additional game modes, co-op, multiplayer, etc...

it's a hypocritical argument for you to make, and we all know you're the clowns that are continuing this bs rumor. the guy that started this SC crap in an unrelated thread admittedly never played the game and doesn't own a 360...just a ps3. that's all we need to know. and we knew it before he even admitted it. cuz only a ps3 fanboy would brag up a game like uncharted (which i can play easily on the hardest mode in under 7 hours), and then talk trash on splinter cell...which when played the way it was meant to be played, takes much longer than 6 hours, and offers tons of additional content.

back to the topic...i think i've decided this game over alan wake. tough choice, but for a day one dead just slightly wins out. now i needa figure out if i get it for ps3 or 360.

badz1493036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I didn't brag about anything and I didn't even bash SC for god sake! why should you be so defensive? I don't have a 360, so? can't I play the game on my pc later? how am I a clown when I just said that almost all reviews stressed on that point!

IGN: "The single-player and co-op campaigns are short, but there's a lot of other things to do."

GS: "Great storytelling makes the short campaign entertaining,..."

EDGE: "Its flaws stand out in the short singleplayer campaign,..."

PlanetXBOX: "Either way co-op story mode was a great addition to the Xbox 360 title, as we fear Splinter Cell: Conviction may have felt a little bit short without the extra hours of game-time."

GamingUnion: "However, the length of the single player campaign is a real sore point, and while there is a co-operative story it's not enough of a substitute."

there, some of them! but seriously, did I ever mention ANYTHING about SC being CRAP because it's short? NO I DIDN'T and you're being a BIG JERK! and you're acting more a fanboy yourself!

UltraNova3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

'a game that's looking every bit a worthy successor to Grand Theft Auto IV'

Ohhhhh Nooo...

So instead of driving a car and killing a bunch of people and then getting bored and forget about the game this time you will ride a horse kill some cowboys and then get bored and forget the game?

And I was so excited about this game... Still I will rent it and then decide if its a buy..

(Yes obsessed GTA IV people some of us dont like GTA IV.. I actually prefer San Andreas.)

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PirateThom3037d ago

Anecdotal chatting, maybe someone has proof, but I heard from a friend Rockstar weren't planning on making any money on the game, they just wanted to see what they could do with the resources.


Johnny_Cojones3037d ago

I can't imagine that this won't be wildly successful. If it sells 60% as well as GTA 4 did, it'll still make them barges of cash.

DevilsJoker3037d ago

I guess they have the cash floating around to take risks is what they meant. They have enough to risk not making much money on it, as long as they enjoy the experimentation. I'm sure their publishers are confident they will make the money though.

renegade3037d ago

Me too I hope it gets a high review score form sites that are realible many are not.

badz1493037d ago

the only multiplat I'm interested in at the moment!

GenghisKhan3037d ago

graphics are fugly. auto aim game play is kiddie. call of juarze looks 10 times more interesting.

click disagree if you are a POS

Kratos Spartan3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Darwin should be a law...

Myst3037d ago

Hmm, I'll probably play a huge chunk of the story when it gets released then jump into multiplayer just to look around. Honestly didn't think much of the game at first, but after watching quite a few videos and reading some articles it's finally grown on me. Also 6 hour introduction in this piece? Hopefully it lasts long as I and perhaps others surely have gotten tired of games you could beat in about 10 hours or so.

ryhanon3037d ago

Agreed. Every time I see a new video for this game, *especially* those fantastic narrated ones, I get more excited. I've always been a big fan of westerns and felt they've been sadly under represented in gaming. I'm just glad to see that Red Dead Redemption is looking so damn good. Here's hoping it's an overwhelming success.

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