SEGA Needed to Restructure to Avoid Obscurity

"Guess what kids? [The old] SEGA is dead. If they don't restructure now they risk getting swallowed up by the social startups and indie game developers coming out of the woodwork prompted by the explosion of social network games, iPhone and iPad, and downloadable console games."

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cain1412856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Maybe we will see an new "old school" sonic game done through XBLA at some point...

Brewski0072856d ago

Wait, you do know sonic 4 is out over the summer on XBL and PSN right? Its gonna be old school as they can make it , with hi-def graphics.

I think whether they make future games like that will depend on this ones success.

cain1412856d ago

Haha good point. I don't count it till it actually works though lol

RageAgainstTheMShine2856d ago

Sega is internally conflicted and internally conceited.

The Old Sega is very much alive in the hearts of old school and retro gamers. That's the truth.

Much as I want to out of pity, I am tired of defending a foolish company.

italianbreadman2856d ago

Maybe "old school" SEGA will be revived in these smaller, new-market games.

cain1412856d ago

I think that will be what really helps them come back to prominence.

Blaster_Master2856d ago

Does that mean my hopes of a Skies of Arcadia sequel are nevermore?

cain1412856d ago

I hope to see that too

SilverSlug2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

does not know what is going on.

- Phantasy Star online games are considered social
- Arcade games like After Burner Climax are TRUE SEGA classics.

Eamon2856d ago

The last true 3D Sonic game. RIP Sega.