Would You Like Some Exploding Breast Wallpaper?

Andriasang: Everyone's favorite exploding breast fighter Ikki Tousen Xross Impact sees release today.

I call it "exploding breast fighter," but what's really happening is the busty female fighters' clothing is disintegrating as they fight.

This results in screenshots that look like this...

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NateNater3006d ago

I probably should have added a "NSFW" to the title. So...many...boobs... lol

RandomGamer3006d ago

Boobs what a wonderful thing.

GAM3R7l3006d ago a trick question? >_>

midgard2273006d ago

people act like boobs r bad!!! screw them i draw boobs all the time :p not nude but u know lol.

wanna check my stuff!!!!? http://midgard229.deviantar...

if curious on how i draw them :p

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