New Sonic 4 Episode 1 - Splash Hill Zone Screenshots.

Andriasang unveils 13 new Sonic 4 screenshots from the Splash Hill Zone level.

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Demons Souls2763d ago

It's about time we had a game that ruined Sonic in 2D.

NateNater2763d ago

Well I don't think it looks that bad. At least give them credit for trying.

Redempteur2763d ago

i still don't see what's wrong in these shots ..

SoapShoes2763d ago

If you don't want a remake of Sonic 1, it will ruin it for you. It's pretty much exactly the same layout as Green Hill Zone with the exact same gameplay.

mugoldeneagle032763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

As the gameplay stays true to the originals I'll buy it. I'm talking simplistic. Left, Right, Jump, and down for speed. If SEGA gives me that, I'll be happy. It would be nice to play a good Sonic game. It's been too long (Sonic Adventure 1&2 via Dreamcast were the last I've actually finished)

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eagle212763d ago

Hope it turns out good..

NateNater2763d ago

It should be alright. But there will always be something in there that people don't like. That's just how everything runs. I think it'll be a decent game though.

Brewski0072763d ago

I've seen it done on r-type and another game I can't recall before, that you can change to retro graphics and back again. They should've added this feature with this.
I'll buy this alright, but it just wont feel the same I feel.
Gonna go give it a shot and hope I'm wrong though :)

SnakePlissken2763d ago

hmm, better not fail SEGA!!! i commend you on sega all star racing though. great job!

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