Metacritic Scores vs. Sales: 2009 Holiday Season Analysis

Publishers like to believe that Metacritic scores influence game sales. But do they? This analysis tackles that very question, and the results may surprise you.

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xXRight3yeXx3035d ago

Wow. I'm just admiring that picture of the shelve full of games. Just WOW.

bbretterson3035d ago

Seriously. Someone likes their PS3!

xabmol3035d ago

There's a lot of crap on that shelf.

WhittO3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

lol he actually bought Haze...

(atleast he has Killzone 2/Heavnely Sword/Uncharted/Warhawk though!)

HolyOrangeCows3035d ago

Indeed - Haze, Tony Hawk, Fracture (Well, it's okay), Sing it, Conan, Hell's Highway, Singstar, Viking.....bleh.

ikkeweer3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

looks like it was taken almost a year ago, seeing so few of the last and this years games on it (can't even find uncharted 2 on it and if you have that many games, it wouldve been on there).
Btw,Haze is on my shelf aswell, only 10 bucks,Ii couldn't resist.

On topic, nice read, just sucks that there's no good data available on worldwide numbers. I don't understand why European salesnumbers are so hard to get info on.

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rod_furlong3035d ago

Man, MW2 sales were just ridiculous, that chart definitely puts it in perspective...

Sadie21003035d ago

I don't think I know anyone in real life with that many PS3 games...

The Time Reaper3035d ago

I have maybe 10 less than that.

SuperStrokey11233035d ago

I know a buddy that has more than that. Hell i bet he has 75 games unwrapped still.

SuperStrokey11233035d ago

Interesting but I think it should be taken into account that MW2 came out during the stated period and that highly skewed sales. For a true and more accurate result one should be using several years of data.

That being said that has some interesting info in it.

Oner3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

One additional bit of info could also screw up his work/percentages and data ~ Meta adjusts scores as they see fit by "weighing" certain sites more or less than others!

So their "Average Score" is a false descriptor because there is no way to show and or prove who, what, how, why & when it applies.

Metacritic plays with the numbers and it cannot be verified in ANY way...thus Meta is completely INACCURATE & UNRELIABLE.

SuperStrokey11233035d ago

I was not aware they weight them, do you have a link about that?

Oner3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

It's right on their "About" Page ~

Q: So, how do you compute METASCORES anyway?

A: To put it simply, a METASCORE is a weighted average of reviews from national critics and publications for a given movie, book, TV show, videogame, or album

Along with confirmation that they do not...scratch that WILL NOT release how they weigh each site ~

Q: Can you tell me how each of the different critics are weighted in your formula?

A: Absolutely not.

The real questionable area is where they choose/decide what a verbal review without a numerical score gets! So if you read a review and it sounds like a 90+ they can give it an 80 because that is their decision on what to score it as! That is without a doubt some of the stupidest BS I have ever read...

Also their numerical score calculations of 4 star & A+ thru F are wrong because an "F" does not equal a Zero. An F on an educational level (where these letter grade denominations actually come from) usually equals anything between a 55 AND 0 so to unequivocally say an F = 0 is by definition false.

Especially when you look at how a B-, C+ & C translate to 67, 58 & 50 the "F" (to make a pun) is something that is a 67 a B-?!?! That makes absolutely NO SENSE! It is inherently flawed and on top of that they fudge the numbers to whatever THEY choose which CANNOT be confirmed by ANY means!

Lastly they have a consistent provable record of putting multiplatform PS3 & 360 combined review scores that are low ONLY on the PS3 side and the high ones ONLY on the 360 side when the review is CLEARLY a combined review for both versions!

Quick proof ~

PS3 version: ~ Here
360 version: ~ NOT Here

The information is clearly in the open and right there for anyone to see/verify for themselves but it's a dirty little secret that somehow doesn't get media attention...makes you wonder huh?

If you want to read a full rant about it check out what I posted about 2 weeks back here ~

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