ShockCast Episode 12 - "F*ck N4G"

DualShockers writes, "Nothing I can say in this description can prepare you for what takes place in this podcast. On it we have Torrance Davis, Editor-in-Chief of The Bitbag as well as the usual suspects from DualShockers. In it we discuss the content filter, that is currently being tested on N4G. It cuts out all of the original pieces from hitting the front page, no matter how many comments or views the piece gets. We also touch on public relations nightmares as well as the blacklisting of anything Ubisoft from the DualShockers site. That's right, we are at war with Ubisoft and you can find out why during this podcast! So relax kick back and listen to one very entertaining show."

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3035d ago
Pennywise3035d ago

Funny, filter on this crap still got through to front page.

Winter47th3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

N4G can't control what the people want to click on, there ARE good pieces of news as well as dull & flamebait ones, they both appear on the front page. You won't believe the amount of spam & hate stories that the community disapprove them ever appearing to the FP in the pending area, so this's as good as it get.

The real problem's though is in the same person with multiple accounts who has approving privileges, it's a serious issue that needs to be ironed out.

N4G's a portal to which a considerable amount of sites earn their clicks from, it's an equal shot for all those unknown underground VG websites can even have the slightest chance to compete with the big dogs. Post good content, and you'll have your followers.

No need to f*ck a site that's driven mainly by the community it thrives on.

Bathyj3035d ago

Didnt listen to the podcast and Im not going to get drawn in to their flamebait crap.

I just think its funny, look at the two idiots who commented on the site.

Old PP, we havent seen you for a while, at least under that moniker.

HolyOrangeCows3035d ago

It WOULD be nice if the users didn't approve articles...

Raz3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

First of all, if they're serious about dedication to their members - shorten the podcasts. I get impatient waiting 30 seconds for the microwave, never mind a 3 hour circle jerk. Summarize. Stay on point. Stick to the facts. Keep it brief.

Second, if N4G is a topic worthy of discussion alongside the hottest and latest games to hit the industry, and they all have N4G accounts themselves...then I guess it has greater significance than these guys are willing to admit. ;)

quadalupeupe3034d ago

Oct 2009 Dualsuckers wrote an article titled "Why N4G Will Soon Go The Way of the Dinosaur"

YET they still post their articles 6 months later on N4G and rely it on heavily for their website traffic LOL - hypocrites

article from 2009, aholes

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Demons Souls3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Then why is this being posted on N4G? After all, it's by that crappy dualshockers site where they have all their members comment on only their stories because nobody else cares (maybe that's why they hate N4G; because people will still pay attention to garbage like hiphopgamer but still don't give 3 quarts of monkey piss about them). I'd rather watch a full episode/podcast of hiphopgamer than this garbage and hiphopgamer makes my ears bleed.

Chadness3035d ago

I beg to differ. I approve and comment on other stories. And the podcast is posted here because 1) we always post our podcasts here and 2) our reservations about N4G should be known by the general public. Just saying. :)

Pennywise3035d ago

LOL @ Demon's souls - Dualshockers crew are their biggest fans.

rucky3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Without N4G, no Dualshockers. Same goes with hiphopgamer, examiner, gamethrist etc. You are not like Destructoid so I wouldn't say f*ck you to the site that gives you hits.

Just saying

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