Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 first news

French magazine Consoles+ has got first exclusive look on Star Wars Force Unleashed 2. According to the magazine, Starkiller has been cloned by Vader. Enemies are fewer but smarter with better defined attacks and a multiplayer mode will be included.

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Blacktric3036d ago

Cloned? Well, I hope they don't fu*k up the story and give us something interesting and worth checking. I always wanted to play the first one but didn't got enough time because of the game bombardment we have for the past nearly 6 months (at least for me).

SB_tanker3036d ago

I thought the first game was ok but was mostly a disappointment. The fact it didn't have any multiplayer was my biggest gripe. Now that it'll be in TFU2 I'll probably pick it up. I also still need to get the Hoth mission pack but i'm waiting for it to go on sale first.