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kratos1233005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

holly $heit i thats one nice teaser trailer soo much hints where given in it i cant wait soo many disguising enemies too shoot at and i love the ending looks like his chick isnt dead yet and also the iron man feel to it

edit: at the end he says
Isaac where going to burn fore what we did to you ? did i miss something in the first one ore are they gonna messupp isaac really good in this one

Army_of_Darkness3005d ago

F#@K... I need a new Girlfriend before this releases! I can't play th1s alone after moving to the basement!!!

bunfighterii3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

@ army of darkness

me too, but a synopsis on wikipedia is easier...

EDIT: Not the girlfriend part

Army_of_Darkness3005d ago

one problem solved... one more to Go! :D

SaberEdge3004d ago

I love Dead Space! Bring on part two!

beardpapa3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

we finally see what isaac looks like and he isn't RDJ.

UltraNova3004d ago

Did you hear Sam Fishers voice? I hope this wont last up to 6 Hours!!
lol! I m joking! lol

Nice trailer nonetheless, I need to finish the 1st one now...

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FunAndGun3005d ago

Damn, Isaac got an upgrade!

Hellsvacancy3005d ago

I aint fooled, i thought it looked stupid, its a rental

nefertis3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

A new Iron Man game awesome jk. Dead Space 1 was awesome looking forward too Dead Space 2 D1B for me.

GCO Gamer3005d ago

Is it just me, or was the trailer creepy?

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The story is too old to be commented.