Alan Wake Will Require More Than One Playthrough

Who said that Alan Wake is a short game? You might want to think again as the game will require more than one play through for completionist out there.

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AnttiApina2853d ago

Great! Still hoping for a Mercenaries or Dead Man Walking like extra mode.


wish they would do something like...move the release date up a couple of least.

KiRBY30002853d ago

i will be pleased if the game is 15 hours long. any extra hour more will be appreciated but im not expecting a 30 hours long experience.

dgroundwater2853d ago

Who here only plays through a game once? If any of you are as motivated to play new games as all the quick comments suggest, wouldn't a second playthrough be taken for granted, collectibles or not?

I could never be satisfied with one playthrough with any good game. Especially action heavy games, ones with cool stories, or those 15 hours or less, Alan Wake included.

Army_of_Darkness2853d ago

unless it's really good and gives you perks for your second game after clearing ur first one.... Like dead space.

badz1492853d ago

OMG, that game is boring as hell! but since when that multiple playthrough counts as total length? almost all games required multiple playthrough if you're after the 100% items, treasures, side missions, collectibles, 1000gs, platinum etc. so how is AW gonna be any different?

p/s: guys below beat me to it!

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kaz-hirai2853d ago

"Alan Wake Will Require More Than One Playthrough"

If the game doesnt bore you to sleep first ;-D!!!

Dtoxz2853d ago

Cause fighting with flashlights and playing as an author/writer is sooooo interesting...

and these idiots waited 4 years for this game!

claterz2853d ago

Doesnt matter how bad the concept is, if it's an Xbox exclusive it gets hyped like nothing else.

Wrathman2853d ago

MOVE controller=fancy flashlight

your playin all your games in the future with a flashlight lmao

i wonder how many discs alan wake is comin on?

GrieverSoul2853d ago

So collectibles count as a longevity measure?!
Hum... I´m speechless...

BeaArthur2853d ago

They will add replay value for completionist's but I'm not much of a collector myself.

Hallmark Moment2853d ago

Thats is something you and the author made up based on unclear info molded into flame bait.

kaveti66162853d ago

Most games require more than one playthrough for full completion. This doesn't mean that Alan Wake is a 30 hour game. Otherwise, MW2 would also be considered a very lengthy game for full completion.

JonnyBigBoss2853d ago

Watch out, people don't like it when you use rationality. They see it how they want to.

Hallmark Moment2853d ago

Logic? Who said the rumored play through time had anything to do with multiple play throughs ? lol

xabmol2853d ago

That kind of post could get you banned here! D:

Hallmark Moment2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

He won't get banned he will just look bitter trying to downplay the game. Remedy has announced how long it roughly takes to "play through the game" they never said including unlockables. Other than the game being around 3 times longer than Max Payne the rest is just speculation.

xabmol2853d ago

Do I really need to put that /s in my post?

Hallmark Moment2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Not sure what you're talking about I'm addressing the haters trolling in here trying to make themselves feel better. The game is longer than most games in the genre, go to the PS3 rooms guys no one asked for your input.

AliTheBrit192853d ago

Ummm sorry this has nothing to do with being rational or logical

Its very simple

1) There is absolutely zero evidence to show that the "30 hour game" claims have anything to do with completing the game more than once

2) Modern Warfare 2 had different endings? I must have missed that, Like in Heavy Rain, Alan Wake will obviously need more than one play through to get all endings/scenes.

kaveti66162852d ago

Hallmark, you're calling me a hater?

You stupid idiot, do you have any idea how much flak I get from the PS3 fanboys for defending the 360 and its games?

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