Comparing the Playstation 3 to Xbox 360

Comparing the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 normally ends up with people storming away from their computer in a rage. "Fanboys" will back their console to the death, and unfortunately facts are often exaggerated to help either sides' cause. However, when emotions are set aside, and everyone's ego settles down, here are the facts:

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Hellsvacancy2976d ago

Er, wins in bein compared 2 the 360, wot r u dumb?

Godmars2902976d ago

In all aspects beyond being a game console, of which it breaks even.

Montrealien2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

Well played Hellsvacancy.

*rolls eyes*

wrong zone maybe?

and Godmars290. Good thing the game console part is the most important thing about the PS/ and the 360. Not all of us need a PS3 to do it all in our bedrooms. Some of us have living rooms with actual blue ray players and such.

Now, I am not saying you don`t have a living room, just pointing out that the game console part is the most important thing for me. And both the 360 and the PS3 have satistfied me with great games on each of them. That, is what truly matters, to a gamer anyways. Fanboys are a whole different subject.

2976d ago
Montrealien2976d ago

You only have yourself to blame. Nobody else.

Jamie Foxx2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

And monty you go and face the wall to your right and I don't want to hear another peep from ya'll,now nomore fighting in the 'n4g playground' and godmars tut tut there was no need to get involved next time your on a written warning!

Your parents will have to be notified of this incident...

FishCake9T42976d ago

Wow guys, why don't you give others room in the comment section. In all honesty if you love gaming you can appreciate both consoles.
Does Person X win if he has a 360 with Mass Effect, Halo, Gears, Forza or Fable yet no PS3 with MGS, Uncharted, GOW or KZ and vise versa?
The only losers here are ignorant fanboys.

Montrealien2976d ago

lol, Jamie.

And fishcake. Calm down, that kind of rational thinking is odd, expecially here. You are preaching to the quire here.

Godmars2902976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )


I mean, I knew I had made a mistake commenting in what's obviously a childish argument between you and Hellsvacancy, but you're honestly saying that you have a PS3 *AND* a standalone BR in your home.

And yes, my PS3 is in my living room. When I'm not playing games on it I'm either - forced - to stream Hulu from a PC, watching my own DVD/BR collection or Youtube. Though not in that order.

Seriously, how do you consider yourself to be an intelligent adult when you not only fail to do proper research on a product, but buy redundantly?

There's just something about the general consumer wanting cheap and plentiful high-end luxury items that baffle me.

2975d ago

prefer the 360 because of the controller and Gears of War....thats it.

Parapraxis2975d ago

I usually don't agree with a lot of what you say iFLOWLIKEWATER - as it comes off a bit silly, but that is a GREAT reason.

A valid and sensible explanation of why you prefer the 360.

Danja2975d ago

Both are good machine's , but honestly right now The PS3 is just offering everything and more that the 360 is offering

FOXDIE2975d ago

the article forgot to mention blu-ray, other features of both consoles, RROD :p etc

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Kratos Spartan2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

very short comparison. Guess they didn't want to make that one console look ridiculous by comparison. You know which one, we all do.


EVILDEAD3602975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Same old comments from the same old suspects same old results...MEANINGLESS..

Again I love my 360

- I absolutely love Xbox Live..when I log on I am literally in the living rooms of my closest friends and family from all over the world..The games that take advantage of Live have literally hadme spending 100s and 100s of hours with the best online games out there..Priceless

- The Games speak for themselves..the fans speak with their wallets because they KNOW what I know and have experienced what I experienced..which is why even the Halo Reach Beta is a huge deal..which is why the talk show appearance for Gears was such a huge deal..

- I'm a CONSOLE gamer..All I care about is that Mass Effect 2 blew was the equivalant of Gaming heaven on my 65-inch HD..All I care about is that I love the Halo series..Gears...The Call of duty series..Fable..Forza 3..Splinter cell etc..experiences that excell on my 360.

Xbox 360 nods..Xbox Live + the best controller out there + Some of the best gaming series of ANY generation = Why 360 Gamers will ALWAYs love the 360..

5 Xbox 360..NEVER one original First year..A First edition Elite..3 bought as gifts for fam..ZERO problems EVER..

100+ 360 games a counting..

Again I love my PS3 Slim...

The Blu Ray is hands down the biggest selling point of the system..and a catch 22..because a large majority of those who buy the hardware just are not gamers..Either way..I bumped my regular Blu-Ray back into the Slim is my main Blu Ray player..

When it comes to the games..I have experienced the best of what it has to offer..and HANDS DOWN..for single player gaming experiences..the PS3 is the leader...

To be specific..Single Player adventure games is where the PS3 shines..God of War 3 & Colection, Both Uncharted games, Metal Gear Sold 4, Heavy Rain, and Killzone 2 are simply the games that are simply the cream of the crop for the system..

PS3 nod..Blu Ray (Avatar will melt your TV screen)..and Single player campaign Graphic monsters like God of War 3 & Uncharted 2 are jw droppers..

Why I love my Wii..

Wii Sports..Wii sports Resort..Boom Blox..Boom Blox party..friends and family..a lot of laughs..a lot of alcohol (at times)..and can you say..PRICELESS..

The classic franchise games will always be pure fun and bring the 'kid' out in you..this is WHY we ALL have a Wii..and why Wii will ALWAYS matter what the haters say..

So even after system comparison number 400,000..People will have many reasons to love the system they own..but only a few will sit on the internet and try to convince you over and over why you shouldn't buy the the system they don't own..and as usual they will FAIL every single time they try..

2010-2011..greatest time to be a 3 system console owner gamer ever


edgeofblade2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Children, get along.

I think I'll start petitioning N4G to start classifying snark as restricted-to-open-zone-able offense. You losers are adding NOTHING to the conversation.

Frankly, anyone still flying the RROD flag has a bone to pick with Microsoft, no matter how much of a non-issue it becomes over time. They will still hold it against them... even when it certifiably is no longer an issue. That is as disingenuous as taunting a high school kid for accidentally calling the teacher "Mom" in 5th grade., that's not disingenuous... it's just idiotic.

Guess what? When it comes down to it, in my personal experience, most of the fanboy bias comes down to the freakin controller. THAT'S IT. I'm biased toward the 360 because, for what I need it to do and the games I like to play, the controller is better. You can point to the questionable d-pad, and I would grant that weakness... but it doesn't/won't/shouldn't/whythe f**kwouldit change my position, so what's the point?

But why boil it down to reasons and "thinking" when you can rage-disagree on me?

@Bloody below: Ah, a PS3 fan I can agree with. Good show.

sikbeta2975d ago

Comparison? like Hardware Comparison?


CPU/Graphics: 3.2GHz Cell Broadband Engine with 1 PPE & 7 + RSX
MEDIA: Blu-ray Disc
256 MB of XDR DRAM main memory
256 MB of GDDR3 video memory for the RSX
Storage: 2.5" SATA hard drive (120/250GB)
·HDMI 1.3
·Bluetooth 2.0,
·USB 2.0
ON-Line Service: PSN [Free]

CPU: 3.2GHz Tri-Core Xenon
Graphics: ATI Xenos
Media: DVD9
Memory: 512MB Shared
·core: ø
·pro: 20/60GB
512MB onboard
256MB onboard
·elite: 120/250GB
·core: ø
·pro: ø
.Arcade: 1.2
·elite: 1.2
·Bluetooth: ?
·USB 2.0
·Wi-Fi: ø/add-on
ON-Line Service: Xbox Live [$50 per year]

BloodyNapkin2975d ago

Well first off let me say i agree about the 360 should not have such a high failure rate. I don't know where you are getting your facts from it being 50%, maybe you can provide some links of something reliable.

And secondly who compares a 200 dollar console to a 10,000 dollar plus car. I mean if we are going to go off the path here. Then why not ask why do people buy kid's 100 dollar shoes when they are going to need a new pair in a few months. Why do people spend 20 to 25 dollars on a blu-ray movie when more than likely they are only going to watch it one time, when they could rent it for 6 dollars. I mean you could do this all day. Cause people want too, it is there money not yours and they can spend it how they see fit.

IMO, PS3 offers a better experience for me. Don't get me wrong there is some things my 360 does or a few games i love. But overall in general my PS3 wins.

gunnerforlife2975d ago

this article is funny,
the guy lists all XBOX games that r deemed great, and then lists only PS3 games:/

ico922975d ago

its reached a point where both consoles are as good as each other, the ps3 has its advantages over the 360 and the 360 has its advantages over the PS3, its just due to personal prefrence, while i do have a 360 in my houshold its not mine but i do play it alot but i prefer the PS3 because of the exclusive lineup im sure there are many people who prefer the 360 for that exact same reason.

Anon19742975d ago

When it talks about both systems online it mentions the XBL being vastly superior due to cross game chat, but admits that once in-game the differences between the two networks is negligible.

Isn't the in-game comparison where it matters? It is to me. I've never used cross-game chat on XBL and never plan to. It's a bit of a useless feature if you ask me. It certainly isn't a make or break feature, nor does it warrant the ongoing subscription price.

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vhero2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Where are all these coming from all of a sudden and why do we need them?? They are mostly what people know aswell as opinions.. We all know MS are still starting up in the games market and can take a hit with the 360 and Sony have so much history 2nd place wouldn't hurt them one bit I mean look at Nintendo? They were once topdog like Sonys been for a long time now and fell into last place for a long time and now are making billions each year with a machine that doesn't even compare to either the 360 nor ps3 in terms of technology or great games!

So who is the real winner? Nintendo is laughing all the way to the bank and letting the big boys fight it out. They don't care when the wii finally fails as they will have made billions from it.

darthv722975d ago

let me explain.

You and your spouse get married. You start off trying to be equal in everything. Doing things you like and then doing things they like. Spending time at your family functions, spending time at their family functions.

Then you find after some time that you are doing less and less of one or the other. Doesnt mean you dont care for the other any less, you just find your time is being spent differently. It is referred to as "gravitation" Some of us "fanboys" are really nothing of the sort. We have both (or all three) and while we may play more of one system it doesnt mean we totally disrespect the other(s). We can still have a say because we own it.

If you dont have it then you can't say anything about it. Unfortunately that isnt how it works as you get everybody shouting and kicking dirt on the next guy. Even those who dont even belong in the conversation. Why must comparisons even be made other than to try and justify the insecurity people feel about their console of choice.

I have been around the gaming realm since the days of pong. I have every system released ( sinclair or spectrum) I can say that ALL systems have strengths and weaknesses. To try and compare them is preposterous. You fanboys go on and think you have to because it gives you purpose.

I will be playing the games.

baum2975d ago

PS3 actually has exclusives, 360 has RROD so it is worthless even for multiplats. Also, PS3 has free online. It should be a no-brainer for everyone except for morons.

SaberEdge2975d ago

I own and enjoy both consoles. Xbox 360 is great for multi-platform games, has a fantastic online service, and has some great exclusives. PS3 has some awesome exclusives of its own, lots of multi-media features, and the online service is free and pretty great as well. They both have their pros and cons. Own them both if you can. If not, just buy the one that is the best fit for YOU.

chriski3332975d ago


Hanif-8762975d ago

I stopped reading when he said that neither system has a clear advantage in exclusives line-up...this crap is [email protected]$king biased already :-/

somerandomdude2975d ago

I was reading the debate between Hellsvacancy and Montrealien over which console wins.... Unfortunatley one of these members were heavily censored, I feel like I'm watching the Mohammad episode of South Park all over again.

sid4gamerfreak2975d ago

pff, i cant stop laughing...

u console fanboys will never learn will u? Ur making us pc gamers laugh our heads off!

Absolut_Turkey2975d ago

Why the heck did my last post get scrubbed?! And why do people act as if MS fixed the RROD? It's still an issue. And the Xbox 360 is the only video game console that has EVER had such a high fail rate. You can disagree all you want, but FACTS ARE FACTS! I'm not saying the 360 isn't fun, but jeez people grow up and face reality. The Xbox fails a lot!

8thnightvolley2975d ago

ITS been 5 years or plus .. and both consoles are great in what ever the do in their unique way..this fanny article is way too outdated to be cared ...right now in if one doesnt own both consoles at least .. their very own badluck .. coz owning both is just the way too go i dont give shyt which game it is .. so far its on a HD console i can get it ... no matter the exclusive it is.

Denethor_II2975d ago

*rubs hands* "right, lets get started"

Ghostsmoker2975d ago

The PS3 would look pretty bad without UC2 and GoW3.

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Arkham2976d ago

Well at least this wasn't another "5 Reasons Why..." blogitorial.

Though it's not much better than one.

Dylantalon12976d ago

if youre a dude gamer without a ps3 and you buy a stand alone blu ray player then youre a moron. i would assume a guy gamer would know about changing technology and wouldn't want to buy a stand alone blu ray player that cant play certain blu rays that will be released later on. with a ps3 i'm sure it will be able to get a FW update .

anyway, the major differences between the ps3 and xbox 360 is that the xbox 360 isnt reliable and the ps3 is more powerful hardware-wise that's why the top exclusives are above xbox 360 exclusives in everyway that counts.all i have to say is that if killzone 3 is shown at E3 2010 then it'll be the biggest talk of the show.

Montrealien2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

So you are saying, it would be better for me to get a PS3 for my living room, and a PS3 for my gaming room? I don`t agree, I don`t have a need for a second PS3, one is enough. I got a nice wifi enable sony blu ray player in my living room. Also, I don`t want all my consoles taking up pressious shelf space in my living room, I have way to many already.

BeaArthur2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Dylantalon1...that's ridiculous. You can buy a Blu-ray player for $150. Did you ever think that not every guy wants to play video games and that they just might like watching movies. The $150 Samsung model has Netflix, Pandora, Youtube and Blockbuster on demand, if they just liked watching movies it's a much better investment. And you do realize that most current Blu-ray players can receive firmware updates. Do some research before you start rambling.

ReBurn2975d ago

So, Dylantalon1. What would a girl gamer do? Are you saying that girl gamers don't know about changing technology? Are you really that sexist?

kaveti66162975d ago

Standalone Blu Ray players also receive firmware updates.

Parapraxis2975d ago

kaveti6616, good ones do, there are still plenty that don't.

JustTheFactsMr2975d ago

"Standalone Blu Ray players also receive firmware updates."

Samsung owners big to differ.:) Sony and Panny are pretty good.

However the only 2D Blu-ray player getting a 3D firmware upgrade 3 1/2 years after release is the PS3.

Future proofed beyond any other BD player and most technology.

With the slim all but silent compared to the original phat the analog outs are the only reason I can in good conscience recommend a standalone anymore.

BeaArthur2975d ago

JustTheFactsMr...I have a Samsung player and I get updates.

ikkeweer2975d ago

`Did you ever think that not every guy wants to play video games and that they just might like watching movies`. You say do research, I say read properly, he was talking about a gamer.
On why he mentioned dude/gamer i have no clue

rkimoto2975d ago

Well, I would buy another PS3 just for home theater purposes too, after all I can also stream movies, music and photos from my computer to it, or just save all of that in its HDD.

So it's pretty practical to have it setup like this, that way you don't have to hide a computer near your home theater.

But that's a personal preference after all.


baum2975d ago

If you're a man and want to enjoy Blu-ray, then you'd have to be an idiot to not buy a PS3.

@ReBurn, not only is that off-topic, but to address your point, are you implying that girls, on average, know as much as men about technology? Because if you are, then you better have evidence to back that up, otherwise you probably belong in the group of men that buy blu-ray players but don't buy a PS3 (see above).

@kaveti, please show any Blu-ray player that is actually superior to the PS3 in terms of a combination firmware updates, functionality, content and price.

@Montrealien, as usual, opposing the crowd just for the sake of opposing it rather than using rational though. Not surprised, given that your mind is most likely unable to perform at that level, but at least you could try. "Bu bu bu I don't need a second PS3", yeah, nobody needs anything, it's a matter of wanting, and if anyone wants a second blu-ray player (or any amount, for that matter), it's pretty stupid not to buy a PS3 as it is the best bang for anyone's buck.

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knightdarkbox2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

360 destroy ps3.

1-great online better than PSN(yea its not free but its well worth it)
better/more user friendly features online.

2-better looking multiplatform games most of the time
really comfortable controller, better for shooters than the ps3 crap

3-gears of war series, halo (for the online)play music ingame in any game.

4-updates on the 360 dont take forever like on the ps3 crap, neither do demo downloads (on the ps3 you have to wait a long ass time to download the demo, than when its downloaded you have to install the game,)

I only care about software thats why I chose 360. Also because nearly all multiplatform games play better on 360.

blitz06232976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

1 - XBL is not better. $60 for a service almost similar to PSN? What are these "better and more user friendly online features" you're talking about? Cross-game chat? Anything else?

2 - I'll give you that. Most multiplatforms look better on the 360. But that's because of poor porting, not because of the 360 being the better console. Controllers? It's really about preference. You're a 360 fanboy so you love the 360 controller.

3 - Lol @ shooter franchises. You're just another trigger happy player. Of course you wouldn't get the PS3, it's best FPS IMO is KZ2 and if noobs like you play that game you're gonna get your ass kicked, and you're too butthurt to play Uncharted 2 because it kicks Gears' ass.

4 - Another proof of a loser. Updates take forever? Go do something while waiting then. "NO! I WANT TO PLAY NOW! :("

Oh yeah, where is
5 - YLOD higher % than RROD.
Oh wait...

claterz2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

4 is a strange number to go to when comparing things, did you struggle to find a fith?

"1-great online better than PSN(yea its not free but its well worth it)
better/more user friendly features online."

So using that theory, it is clear that you think paying more for something makes it better, which would make PS3 better than the 360 because its more expensive.

Lol just reading your comment makes me laugh, you sound like you're 10 years old, you never give factual evidence why 360 is better, and you never reply to any comments probably because your too busy sticking your head up Microsofts a$$.

2975d ago
Wrathman2975d ago

i like your arguement.

i want to add this tho..the hardware in the ps3 is superior to the xbox.its also newer.its actually superior to this pc im on.with 1 draw back.RAM.i tried to play them porn games on the just locks up.

but wot sony has done with hardware is equalled by wot the xbox does with has amazed me wot they can do with such limitations on hardware.

but people like me that actually own both consoles and have at least tried them online,most would still stick to the xbox for the majority of their online gaming.well,depending on wot you console you started on and where your friends number 1 pet peev on the ps3 is the disgustingly bad quality of mics i have to listen to.

and i do find updates take forever on the in the fibre optic!people wouldnt say that if it wasnt true.or at least sometimes have to remember a lot of ps3 games have a mandatory install.

i use the browser and watch blu-rays a hell of a lot on the actually gets used.i just seldom game on that such a big deal?

renegade2975d ago

Haha you better think you're the biggest fanboy of N4G!

Meryl2975d ago

the only thing x360 has over the ps3 is the amount of over hyped games it has available on it lol, keep on dreamin tho we know you want a ps3, so you come here to let off steam it's ok, have a tissue

2975d ago
rezzah2974d ago

notice only 3 ppl agreed with you, that alone tells u how much your wrong.

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BeaArthur2975d ago

Another one of these stupid articles.

Absolut_Turkey2975d ago

Lol. Like you actually take the time to read the articles. You're not fooling anyone Bea. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you HAVE to read the article before commenting. You're free to do as you wish. But if you're free to comment without reading, than I'm free to call you out on it.


BeaArthur2975d ago I don't read articles like this because they are pointless flamebate. But I can also call you out for thinking the PS3 is superior when you don't own a 360. You talk sh!t about something based off of second hand knowledge, without ever experiencing it for yourself. You're no different than any of the other fanboys on this site, you use the same old weak comments like RRoD or any of your other cute little fanboy nicknames you come up with. Meanwhile the rest of us true gamers are enjoying games on multiple consoles.

2975d ago
BeaArthur2975d ago have us confused, you are the troll. I can voice my opinion without reading the article because anyone with a brain knows these articles are old and stale and nothing but bait (apparently except for you). And it worked because you are here trolling around making anti 360 arguments like you do on every article. You are a broken record. I never said the 360 wasn't unreliable, my issue is with people like you that constantly beating a dead horse. You sit around waiting for these articles to pop up so you can start going through your anti 360 rhetoric. Grow up, move on, do something, because you and your comments are old news. The funniest thing about people like you is that you campaign so fiercely for a company that just sees you as another statistic. You probably care more about Sony's bottom line than they do. Probably the first person to check out sales numbers and start gloating if it sells more than the competition. I actually pity you.

Oh and you are the fanboy, I am the gamer, there is a difference.

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