Is Record Of Agarest War A Litmus PSN Pricing Test?

PSExtreme: Okay, first- the Xbox 360 version of Record of Agarest War, the very revealing and awfully titillating RPG, has already shipped to retailers. It's a regular physical disc, obviously. However, PS3 owners will only have the option of downloading the game on the PSN; there will be no Blu-Ray disc available at the stores. But because it's a full-production game, the price will be $44.99, which is actually $15 less than the $60 360 version, so that's a bonus. But we've noticed that people tend to set their own limits on PSN spending and it may not matter that Record of Agarest War is a full game.

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Godmars2902920d ago

Don't think Warhawk or Burnout cast as much when they first released. Sure as heck weren't as large.

I'm guessing they included all of the DLC since its original release - had better have - but its still too much to be asking.

Disgaea 3 was only $5 more!

Roper3162919d ago

I would have bought the game if it was on a disc and won't even consider a purchase otherwise. With this decision I would be surprised if this games sells 100 units off the PSN. Just a dumb ass move imho.

This is the 2nd game I didn't buy because of it being a DL only title, The 1st was section 8.

At least anyone who buys this game off the PSN doesn't need to worry about any future DLC already being on the disc.