PlayStation MOVE Hands-on

NG: NowGamer gets some serious hands-on time with Move and explains why it's quite the Wii-beater...

Text AND video for all of our hands-on time...

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mushroomwig2884d ago

Can't wait for this to be released! :)

blusoops2884d ago

this looks awesome! Both Socom4 and table tennis looks to be really fun, especially for the online play. Obviously MOVE is much more accurate than the Wii, and will provide an HD experience and a much much better online MP experience as well....

"Such is its pin-point precision, you could shoot the hair off a dog’s back if only your touch were delicate enough. With gripping of the trigger button on the accompanying navigation controller (Nunchuck), pulling your character into cover, it all feels very natural and great fun."

Yup, can't wait for this either!!

Microsoft Xbox 3602884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I like the Move and the implementation, but why did they have to do this to Socom? Socom is my absolute favorite shooter and they had to go and ruin it for us hardcore Socom fans again. Look the character view. It's over the shoulders just like Confrontation. Why not do this to say Syphon Filter and let Zipper Int create a Socom game that reflects the heart of the PS2 series. All we want is a game like Socom 2 with HD graphics.

joydestroy2884d ago

yup, i'm pretty excited too ^_^

cmrbe2884d ago

I am pretty sure SOCOM 4 has a DS3 controller scheme. If SOCOM 4 dosen't have one then that will limit SOCOM4 sales by alot since not everyone with a PS3 will have a Move controller when SOCOM releases.

It will be interesting how Sony will approach MOVE enable software. On one side they will want to force people to buy a MOVE controller by allowing only MOVE controller scheme but on the flip side it will reduce the sales of such title. For example the table tennis game. If its only enable for move it will force those that wnat to play it to buy a Move contoller but it will miss out on the bigger PS3 installbase that don't have a move controller and would have bought the table tennis game if it had traditional DS3 controller scheme.

I think it is now established that the move is great. The only thing left is the price. I really hope for moves sake that Sony don't price it above 100 USD. Sony should try to bundle Move with the PS3 from now on or have game bundle with the move controller at cost price.

whoelse2884d ago

Yeah it does support standard DS3 controls.

And Sony announced that Move will be bundled with some software for not more than $100.

sikbeta2884d ago

Sony is Playing Smart here, Showing the Device and How it works and the more Important thing, trying to cater everyone, from casuals with those ping-pong/archery games, to Hardcore Gamers with SOCOM4 and Me with [Minority Report], PS-Move will be Great for every kind of Gamer...

renegade2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I cant wait to get the hands on it with socom 4!

Bigpappy2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

The combination of the more accurate Wii motion and the body tracking of PSeye is a great Idea and looks to work well. The only concerns with having two items in hardcore games (they are much longer than casuals) is: that you have to put one down to do something as simple as taking a sip of water. With the DS3 you could play online and still snack and drink when safe. With move you will have to take your eyes off the screen to pick it up. I am sure people will come up with some creative ways to work around that if the Move ends up being the preferred controller, but as it is, we see how people deal with it when the time comes.
Very good previews so far.

rockleex2883d ago

Natal = dry-humping without pants
PS Move/Wii = dry-humping with pants

Or a better analogy would be to play air guitar (Natal), or Rock Band with the guitar (Move/Wii).

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Seekerofthewind2884d ago

Insert Sony-worship comment here? =/ What a flamebait article...

rwarner1742884d ago

Its not flamebait if it is true.

zootang2884d ago

I'm guessing a few of the press don't want to look like fools and actually give praise to a good product *cough* Killzone 2 *cough*

Pennywise2884d ago

<Insert a jealous Nintendo fans comment about Sony here>

doG_beLIEfs2884d ago

The Move is everything that Nintendo and her loyal hardcore fans WISHED the wii could be. Precision, graphics, quality, facial mapping, body tracking, augemented reality....did I mention graphics that don't look like a jaggy, blurry mess?

With the right marketing, Sony will convert millions of potential wii owners to the Move, the right price will help also.

-Alpha2884d ago

It's a hands-on previews.

Almost all of them praise the product/game. And quite honestly, it seems like a solid product.

XxZxX2884d ago

Jealousy is strong on this one

renegade2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

@ seeker...... A comment with no sense.

Seekerofthewind2884d ago

An article with a changed title.

Why would I even comment on an article with the title 'Playstation MOVE Hands-on' in the first place? I'm a Wii gamer. I avoid articles unless they directly involve my system of preference. The only reason I would would be if it had a different title when I commented, like...oh, I dunno...'How the Playstation MOVE is better than the Wii'.

rkimoto2884d ago

Actually the title doesn't say that, it's actually the person that tried Move who said it.

So, you're actually commenting on an article which you say you don't comment on.

N4g_null2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

What is funny is the author claims that body mapping is used in socom and the tennis game. We are waiting to see the sdk on this. Some thing doesn't make sense here. If it has body mapping then why does it need a glowing ord. The SDK shown at the GDC did not really talk about this.

Also it with all of this tech it still uses the same game play mechanics as red steel 2 or the conduit for bounding box turning. Another thing is this media guy is a complete noob at motion control FPS aiming. Most people good at it now take off the training wheel and make the bounding box small. In red steel you can customize all of this even you blade swing. The slight nudge is in red steel two also,that is if you want it.

If this controller really was using body mapping then color cues would not be needed for the main controller and you would not get a nudge for off screen input you would get full motion controlled spin like the ones you get with a real mouse on the PC.

It looks like they have not made it there yet. The hype is great with this controller and I hope you guys support it. Right now FPS are broken on consoles because they need to be closer to key board and mouse set up. I'm glad to see SONY putting up the good fight and the SONY loyals buy into this. Next gen is going to rock so much more because of it.

Also no one is jealous we may have a wii zelda that plays like red steel, how can you be jealous when that is coming out, all your getting is socom and some party games. Seriously that's just one game out of the many that are coming. Plus wii gamers don't have to worry about the dual shock pure players crying. That game along is going to convert the hard nosed PS2 players because motion aiming is so0o0o0o0o0o much better. Most analog players are going to get the floor mopped with their azz watch. It will be the conduit all over again LOL. What is funny you can't claim its a bot on the PS3.I really hope sony does not separate move players from dual shock LOL. Get ready for the hurt!

Thanks for playing.

If Sony really wants to keep the hype going they should delay it till ummm 2012. by that time next gen would have started.

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knightdarkbox2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

I saw casual shovelware, identical to Wii shovelware being demonstrated in this move.

Ping pong. Boxing. Sword fighting. Family casual games This is all already on the Wii. It is a Wii clone even the controller looks like a Wiimote and nunchuck. Sony didnt do anything new here, its a rip off of what Nintendo did.


IRetrouk2884d ago

did you not see socom 4, scumbag troll

claterz2884d ago

You seem to think that every word that comes out of your mouth is a fact.

Wrathman2884d ago

aww how cute.look how they defend the wii clone because it has a sony logo on it.

mcnablejr2884d ago

all motion control is lame.

IRetrouk2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

so my xbox 360 is just my imagination, what about my 71000 gamerscore? in fact i bet my gamerscore makes yours look poo, go check my gamertag is my username, unlucky mate you just got burned ha ha

stealth edit.

thief2884d ago

The difference is that casual shovelware or new iterations of the same old series are all that the wii has

Does the wii have 720p, a functioning multiplayer envirenment, new exciting franchises such as Uncharted, inFamous, innovative games such as LBP or Modnations, massive 3rd party franchises?

What would you choose?
GT5 / Motorstorm / Burnout / Grid or Kart?
FF/WKC/Demon's Souls/Fallout/GTA/Borderlands or Zelda?
LBP/inFamous/Uncharted/Ratche t or Mario
Killzone/SOCOM/Resistance/CoD /Bioshock/Warhawk or Metroid?
God of War/Tekken/VF/SF4/DMC/Ninja Gaiden or Mario Brawl?

The wii is a one-trick pony. And now even that is no longer a factor, as Move does motion controls better than the wii

IRetrouk2884d ago

i take back my earlier post, it was nasty and uncalled for, peace.

hatchimatchi2883d ago

so sony's motion controller is garbage but the 360's natal that has you flailing around in order to hit a red ball is better?


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IRetrouk2884d ago

i cant believe how many good articles are coming out for this, really buzzed about move, now let me see some natal.

Brewski0072884d ago

This really is starting to sound good so dont get me wrong when I say i'll probably wait a while for the hype of it to die down before I even consider making the purchase.
Why? Because of the amount of generic games that will be released for it. We already have a bowling game and countless other games which have been tried and tested already but for me bring nothing new to the table.
I dont think i'll be able put down my sixaxis for this just yet, I'm unaware if I stand in a minority on this or if others also feel that way. But for me I just will prefer my sixaxis I think.

cmrbe2884d ago

Just like the auuthor as well. So what if there are shovel ware for Move?. No one is forcing you to buy them if they are crap in your opinion. It will be good for those that like them. Variety is key. Move will not suddenly suck if it has shovel ware that otherwise wouldn't have if people like you have your way. Whats the harm in having them?.

If it gets Sony more consumers and get more money from these 3rd party shovel ware then that is better for all PS fans as it will mean more funding for more games from Sony.

N4g_null2883d ago

Man is this funny. Sonys own comments about motion control gaming and casual games is coming back to haunt them along with MS. So now you have a hard nosed gamer who has learned to hate the wii because of shovelware now has SONY doing the same exact thing on their system. Oh the shovel ware is coming believe me. Hell you may even get a cooking moma. The wii ports are coming also and sega has lots of light gun rail shooters for you! What is funny is sony fanboys approach gaming like every one is a fanboy. We are not we are gamers and some more stubborn than others because when you become good at a game like a true hardcore gamer and the controls change the game is ruined. Casual gamers are fan boys don't understand this.

Yet now your going to try to turn your fan based into a E for every one camp like nintendo when the hardcore see this as selling out. They don't want to share their console with the wife or the kids. Most people would not buy a PS3 for their kids to break also.

Man sony and ms are going to have a hard sell here it seems. The amount of times hardcore gamers have been made to look like hypocrites this gen is amazing. What is even more funny is nintendo had way more hardcore game support than what sony is showing already and MS does have any hardcore games at all using natal.

CRMB what you are seeing is people not impressed with hype, it's as simple as that. Some gamers love the hype more than they like gaming. Some like gaming more and need to know what this hype means for them.

What a gamer like the above see. OK more shovel ware, the same control scheme as wii FPS complete with the bounding box turn. One reason why he may not be excited also is the fact that he might have actually played the wii games and not liked them. It reminds me when a FPS game tried to force a track ball mouse on it's player, I can not remember the name yet I think it bombed pretty bad. Sure some people where really good at it but many found it frustrating.

I hope that sheds some light on why the above gamers isn't a company cool aid drinker.

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