IGN: How Nintendo Could 'Win' E3

It's hard to believe, but the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo is just a few weeks away. E3 is where the big three pull out all the punches. It's where new systems are announced, where the biggest games of the coming years are shown for the first time, and where Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo try and convince gamers that they're going to be the platform for their needs.

So what can Nintendo do this year to win over the hearts and minds of us, the gamers, at this year's E3? Here are some thoughts from the IGN Staff.

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topgeareasy3003d ago

if Microsoft and Sony don't turn up lol

xXRight3yeXx3003d ago

I hope it's not another Mario.

Fierce Musashi3003d ago

We are already getting one next month. So, not likely. But you never know.

WildArmed3003d ago

A Wii HD would do it.

I know lots of people would cut their wrists for it o_O
lol.. other than that a combo of Dragon Quest+Zelda + mario + Metriod should do it very nicely.

As long as they dont introduce another crappy accessory.

NateNater3003d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 3 anyone? :-P

SuperStrokey11233003d ago

Yep, Zelda and its a win. Plain and simple.

Inside_out3003d ago

In terms of sales, Wii has already has carved out a niche audience and is considered the console of choice for families with smaller children...65+ million...Price cut coming this holiday...

The only console with a chance is 360 with Natal...Voice activated/recognizing and controller less...E3 will be the defining moment this gen...360 also has a couple of it's top IP's coming out just before Christmas, one ( Fable III ) will be Natal compatiable As well as the Milo game that was demonstrated at E3 '09 that caused an up roar......wait for E3 in June....

darthv723003d ago

what exactly the criteria is to constitute a "WIN". Rather than looking at it from a company POV I would fathom the real "winners" would be the consumers.

Just like the console race. At what point is there a winner decided? Isn't this all just personal opinion or is there something more?

When did we as gamers stop playing the games and start getting played by the game companies?

Why did the chicken cross the road? (that is the most important question i need answered).

AbyssGravelord3003d ago

Bubbles for you!

Spoken like a true GAMER!

sinclaircrown3003d ago

Couldn't agree more.

PS3 Fanboys will say "Sony won E3 this year'
Xbox Fanboys will say 'MS won E3 this year'

Gamers will say 'We won E3 this year'

badz1493003d ago

the last 2 were horrible and I think it will be just like that or just a bit better this year! in 2008, Wii music took the show and last year, it was the vitality sensor! in sales, sure they are winning, but in E3 where mostly gamers are concerned, Nintendo winning E3 compared to M$ or Sony - I don't think that will ever happen! and yes, even with Zelda!

WildArmed3003d ago

So wait...
We're not allowed to compare who had the best e3?
Remember that competition keeps the gaming industry strong.
By getting to a point where we can say 'X company won E3' sends a loud and clear msg to the companies on what they are doing right or wrong.

I'm all for having a 'no winnder'.. but not appreciating the best E3 showcase is just as bad as saying 'we dont give a fu<k'

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sikbeta3003d ago

Old School Fox McCloud >> Link

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The 10th Rider3003d ago

Zelda is easily going to be the best game shown at E3, the 3DS will easily be the best hardware.

They have to have some 3DS launch titles like Mario Kart or something.

Pikmin 3 is supposed to be shown.

Then we have things that may be shown, such as Retro Studios new project, Project Sora's project, a resurfacing of Project H.A.M.M.E.R, or Metroid Dread for the 3DS.

It would be hard for them to lose.

WildArmed3003d ago

That's pretty bold calling Zelda the best game of E3.
The last two havn't really done anything for me.
(fun to play, but nowhere near as great as Zelda: Ocarina of Time).

I am DYING for another great zelda game as many
*points to avatar*
But it's too early to call it anything at this point.

I'm betting the best game of this E3 is kept under wraps... so I'm too unsure to say anything.

Nintendo has to really step it up this time around. I was very disappointed with their last two years of E3.

This year Nintendo is gonna be the comeback kid! (or better be!)
Note: Comeback kid in the sense they havn't been doing so well in e3

The 10th Rider3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

They said they pretty much been remaking OOT since Majora's Mask. From what they've said about Zelda Wii it could be the first game in a while to change up the format a little.

On the topic of bieng the best game shown at E3. One reason you have to consider, is that Halo: Reach has already been announced, Zelda will most likely be announced at E3. Also, according to what Nintendo says, we'll be seeing footage of Zelda Wii; probably the FIRST footage.

WildArmed3003d ago

Well maybe.
But at this point in time, I'm betting MS, Sony and Nin have alot of games they are eager to announce.
At this point the fall and next year look empty. So i'm guessing E3 will fill in ALOT of those blanks..
But if what you said about Zelda is true..
MAN i'm excited.