Guild Wars 2 Dev Slams 'Classic' MMORPGs

Guild Wars developer ArenaNet has published its design manifesto for its forthcoming sequel, pointing out what it believes to be the shortcoming of other MMORPG developers. It also outlines some of the key fundamentals gamers can expect in Guild Wars 2, namely enhanced social features and a move away from grinding.

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van-essa3005d ago

God I need this game. and diablo 3

Darkstorn3004d ago

Guild Wars IS the best MMO. Then again, it's the only one I've played, but it's still awesome. Can't wait for GW2!!!

Gun_Senshi3005d ago

still have best pvp in mmo ever

Baka-akaB3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

I'll go further , the only pvp worth playing .

The rest is usually some ridiculous Capture the flags disguised as RvR , or some slowpoke fhighting between the same unbalanced classes and skills .

You can only admire the whole metagame behind the game , besides number tweakings , with actual skills set creation from everyone .

Even if, of course massively helped by its arena oriented nature , it's the only mmo experience wich feels like skills matter over classes imbalances and over "who slept the most hours grinding points for armors"

Gun_Senshi3004d ago

Though Metashifts

I run boon prot in RA and get 25 wins steak lol. I pvp only in that game. Atm the moment I'm making people QQ with Ranger Magebane Interupter.

Myze3004d ago

Dark Age of Camelot during it's prime, and before Trials of Atlantis, had the best pvp I've seen in an MMO. Nothing else has come close to the feeling that pvp in that game gave.

LiquifiedArt3005d ago (Edited 3005d ago )

Just bought all the expansions.

They have added so much to this game its incredible. The experience if far better then it was day 1. Some really key changes that make a big difference.

Ever since i saw their art book in the collectors edition of prophecies, heard the soundtrack and not been forced to pay a subscription, i've been an Arenanet fan for life. I will support you guys again with GuildWars2.

I Really enjoy the Story and the entire vision behind it. Its the way i'd make a PC MMOish RPG. Stay away from the MMO Life Sucking style and retain the Guildwars style and you will all do really really well. Most balanced pvp game i've ever played too.

I really enjoy just playing by myself and then optionally, with some other people, but now taht the game has Heros, it allows me to really play it like I want and not get destroyed. (like it was in the beginning) I just recently beat the Prophecies campaign again, once with humans and once with 2 heroes and the rest npcs and I actually completed the bonus with the npcs as well. Its a great balance.

(i know i look like a fan)

I just picked up the Art book for GW2 as well. I'm super excited to see what your amazing artists come up with. See you all soon and please keep supporting GuildWars, maybe I can play both! :-P

Wish you guys would even go 1 step further and make the game completely OFFLINE capable. (guildwars 1 & 2)Something to think about.

Bilbo653004d ago

Lol at Nolan North (Uncharted) voice acting, he doesn't fit at all in a fantasy game as an elf imo.

Letros3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

he's voiced for quite a few fantasy themed games.

Abriael3004d ago

I lost count on the developers that claim prior to release that their MMORPG will be different from the rest.

Baka-akaB3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

of course , but some guys have definitively already shown they are atypical enough devs , to prove it right .

History will tell if it sucks or not , but there is little doubt that GW2 will be different , based on the first title alone .

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