Ballmer says we will not need some "big fat gaming thing" to change channels

While Ballmer understands the success of the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, he does not always know how to express himself. According to Ballmer we will not need to grab the television remote or some "big fat gaming thing" to change channels or turn the television on and off.

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ubiquitious2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

But it doesn't matter. The world stops May 3, 2010.

FALLS 2010

Shadow Flare2883d ago

That's no way for steve ballmer to be talking about gabe newell

Parapraxis2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Brilliantly usual.
/S ..obviously

Ballmer is such a moron.

2883d ago

hope Natal has a universal attribute to it. I would like for it to work with all dvd, tv, dvr brands. I really couldn't see it not working with Tivo...

cyborg69712883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Wow butterfinger good one. How many exclusives has your 360 had in 2010? Seems to me your the one who has the most time on your hands. As for ballmer if it wasn't for his friendship with gates in college he'd be nothing.

[email protected] butterfinger. After reading all of your moronic comments you should change your name to butthurtfinger. I mean it must be after reading all of the fud you've spread in this thread.

Mr_Bun2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

According to you, calling out Steve Ballmer out for making a moronic statement qualifies you as a troll.
I guess you agree with everything that spews from his face, regardless of context or perspective.

Looks like summer school is starting early for you, this year!


didn't know that the 360 controller could change channels on a tv.

Christopher2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Strange, I don't use a big fat gaming thing to change channels right now.

And, honestly, using a Natal-like device to navigate my TV channels will just be a waste of time compared to using a remote that is already at hand and has all the needed functionality built-in.

This is like Office 2007, only worse. Microsoft goes and changes everything that people already know for no reason other than to force some new changes that make people relearn where everything is and even increase the effort needed to perform some of the most basic of actions.

@butterfinger: Says poster #4... might want to wait for a few more people to actually post before going out with that sort of statement.

cemelc2883d ago

This comment fail on so many levels is not funny.

GOW3 did blow the world away, becouse as of now is the top tier game in graphics for any console, is a technical marvel with up to 50 enemies on screen, and a great plot.

Only trolls like you are deluded into thinking otherwise

Hallmark Moment2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

They also don't need >two< big fat gaming things for each person to play proper games. I don't think people will favor buying more than one "Big fat gaming thing" for each person in their family. Rough times ahead for the big fat gaming thing camp. I don't think Microsoft has to announce the difference between the >big fat gaming thing< tech, it is not going to be competition anyways. The big fat gaming thing is not as advanced and it doesn't have close to the amount of support from the industry as Natal. the >BFGT< doesn't have the newness factor and will be seen as the HD Wii and not a revolution[yes pun intended]

Inside_out2883d ago

No doubt...he's describing my " fat Elvis " PS3...he's's weight challenged...

On topic...sounds amazing...E3 is gonna be interesting...Natal, by far the most advanced system out there...It's a super computer that does 1080p, 60 fps, and plays bluuu...hold on, wrong commercial...never's just the best...

raztad2883d ago

"Wow, look at the PS3 trolls rushing in here.
Nothing exciting going on in the world of PS3 lately? After God of War 3 didn't blow the world away, I guess you guys are left to trolling as usual."

" What an idiotic comment.
You can go ahead and hump your PS3 all day long instead. At least you'll be able to play Wii HD, I mean PlayStation Move"

Funny thing the guy calling out other fanboys is the one coming up with the worst comments.


uummm, No... my Girlfriend will tell you which channels I change when I pick up the "Big Fat Thing" she gets quite excited by it :-)

darkmurder2883d ago


IRetrouk2883d ago

so you dont like the thought of a wii hd but you get a hardon for eyetoy 2.0?. i would have called it an eyetoy hd but we both know that wouldnt technically have been true.

bjornbear2883d ago

oh he means natal!

stupid man doesn't know what a controller is

then again, its natal a "big fat stupid gaming thing", except its sitting infront of your tv instead of on your sofa...?

HolyOrangeCows2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )


"Zomg, natal is teh future, we will have expensive cameras with shaky feedback instead of remotes for simple tasks like changing the channel"

Raz2883d ago

You beat me to it!

Yup, we heard the man - we don't need some big fat gaming thing. I guess it's time to finally say goodbye to Gabe Newell, Aaron Greenberg and Steve Ballmer!

Therealspy032883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

did you even read the article? the context that he used this statement in makes perfect sense. he's not talking to gamers. he's talking to people who probably know very little about gaming and probably think of their kids' video game controllers that way.

this isn't what he refers to it as personally, this is how he references it to a bunch of suits. that was pretty obvious. which means it's pretty obvious most of you were just looking for another excuse to talk sh!t.

if anyone ever asks me what a troll is, from now on, i'll be referring them to N4G. it seems as if you get more examples here in one thread than on another other site's entire forum.

Heisenberg2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

No everyone was able to decipher what he was trying to say just fine, the point was how foolish his phrasing sounded, especially considering his job. Also, are you under the impression that for the average person "big fat gaming thing" is more clear and easily understood than controller/game controller/anything other than what your 93 year old Grandpappy calls it?

C'mon, don't pretend he was just doing the layman a favor, as video game controllers are not new to anyone, and if it was, "big fat gaming thing" is not the more suitable choice..

N4Flamers2882d ago

natal is going to run my comcast dvr.

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Cylon2883d ago

The final name is not Natal, right?

NateNater2883d ago

I'd rather use a remote instead of flail my arms around everywhere just to change a channel.

2883d ago
MajestieBeast2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

I think i would rather hump your mom. j/k but seriously nobody mentioned ps3 till you did.

Imalwaysright2883d ago

I agree. I dont want to wave my arm 100 times until i find a program i want to watch on the TV!!

Kyur4ThePain2883d ago

Christ, dude. You are the ONLY person to have mentioned the PS3 so far. YOU are the troll.
Shut up about the PS3, this story has nothing to do with it.
You are becoming really annoying.

Mr_Bun2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

So far, there are only 2 comments regarding the PS3/Move and they are both from you...SHOCKING.

How many accounts does it take for you to give yourself 8 bubbles? There can't be that many people on here who agree with your asinine, irrational comments!

Just because someone doesn't like the idea of Natal, doesn't mean they are for Move. Next time, try 'thinking' instead of being so defensive over your precious MS peripherals.

-MD-2883d ago

How many accounts does it take to give yourself 9 bubbles hypocrite?

GiantEnemyCrab2883d ago

You guys act like it will be a mandate that you destroy your remote control. Don't worry old timers, nobody is going too make you work to hard and I'm sure your remote will still be there.

How about not waving your arms 100 times and just say "Go to Comedy Central" or you could just say "Surf" and it will go through all the channels and you don't even have to stress your little finger and push a button 100 times.

Pennywise2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Did someone hijack Butterfinger's account?

Starting to think butterfinger forgot to log out and get on his Foxgod account before commenting. I've never heard him so bitter and pitiful.

@Crab - When I want Comedy Central - I push 6-1. 100 buttons? You guys will say just anything. I don't want to scream at my TV to get it to change the channel.

Mr_Bun2883d ago

First of all, change the pic back to Selma Blair blowing the bubble....Second of all, did you just out yourself as 1 of Butterfinger's alternate accounts?

-MD-2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

You're asking me if I outed myself as Butterfinger's alt account? The answer to that is no. Go ahead and run an IP check to confirm.

This is also a picture of Selma so what's the difference? It's always looked more like a dandelion to me than a bubble by the way.

Mr_Bun2883d ago

Maybe it is a dandelion....I can't remember what it looked like, but that picture was the best I have ever seen!

bjornbear2883d ago

there's a difference between fear of whats new and change, and simply not wanting to due to impracticality

this is NOTHING practical about using natal over a controller, nothing that would take away the remote control forever.

if natal was so unique...many companies would have done this with cameras on their tv's to simplify channel changing, etc...

its just not worth it

as in

natal more expensive than remote control...

2883d ago
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Dylantalon12883d ago ShowReplies(9)
cyborg69712883d ago

Well said. And to think gates hand picked this guy.

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