Famitsu software sales (4/19 - 4/25)

The latest software top ten sales estimates in Japan from Famitsu have been released. NieR Replicant makes its first appearance on the charts.

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GUCommander2919d ago

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

HOW are you still on the chart!

SpoonyRedMage2919d ago

Wow, what a weird list.

I can't wait to see next week.

I expect DQM: Joker 2 to top the charts, it'll be interesting to estimate sales though. I see it surpassing 600K personally.

Valay2919d ago

I'd be shocked if Joker 2 isn't number one next week. It'll sell well for sure. But I don't know if it'll sell as well as the first.

SpoonyRedMage2919d ago

There's numerous factors at play, such as the winding down of the DS,increased userbase and also the fact that the first one was severely supply constrained.

I expect it will do around the same amount as the first which is really great anyway, some estimations have it just shy of 2 million LTD.

ClownBelt2919d ago

Well...I guess it was true when SE said that there's a shortage of copy of Nier...

Saigon2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

A shortage on the 360 version of Nier...I expected the game to be in the top 10...weren't both considered OK...

Gun_Senshi2919d ago


Dear Japanese People! I'm trying to sell my copy for 10 EUR only!! Its Mint condition.

Yes as a TES Fan, I am greatly insulted by this pile of turd, and I bought it EUR 69.95

Dnied2919d ago

didn't expect any of those haha

May should be interesting though =)

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