Jagex Founder Andrew Gower Revealed as Key Speaker at RuneFest 2010 Insider Sessions

Jagex Games Studio today announced the exciting Insider Sessions for the UK's biggest ever player event for RuneScape players – RuneFest 2010. RuneFest 2010 will be the first ever real-world player event of its size in the UK or for the company. The Insider Sessions will be held in three arenas with a packed schedule of speakers including talks from Jagex Founders, Andrew and Paul Gower, and Jagex CEO, Mark Gerhard.

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Quadrix3030d ago

RuneFest? Never heard of it.

Government Cheese3030d ago

Could be because it was just announced like a week ago.

kevco333030d ago

Or, two days ago in fact!

It was officially announced Monday, but I think Jagex had been teasing it before that.