Scene It? Hands-On

No game rocked the Microsoft E3 press conference like Scene It? That's not a, but the pop culture board-game-turned-Xbox-360-megaton ends with a question mark. It should end with an exclamation, to emphasize that this is one of Microsoft's big guns -- at least in it's ever-growing "social gaming" category.

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DrRage773877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

this is one of the games that is going to make party gaming really fun on the 360. there are not a ton of good party games to play on the 360, and for those of us that are married, or have families, or have lots of friends that we actually invite over to play video games with, this is a good start for microsoft. The scene-it games are alot of fun to play, and with downloadable content to be avialable for this game to constantly keep it fresh, it will be a big hit for the 360.

plus, this game comes with 4 free controllers that will be used for other multi-player party games from microsoft and other developers, so i am looking forward to see what other cool board games and party games start rolling out to make the 360 more enjoyable for a larger group of casual gamers

M1am1U3877d ago

I like those sort of games. The 360 is indeed lacking in the family/party game genre. I think this is a great first step. I imagine it will lead to more games like it. Hopefully like the Trivial Pursuit game on the first Xbox. Heck, they could really expand the XBLA library with similar games. Add to that downloadable additional content, and you've got the potential for a great variety of games.

G_CodeMonkey3877d ago

They need more than that game (though it sounds like it will do very well) to use it-- I agree, XBLA is a perfect venue for low-risk entries to use it. And yes, if they snuck in motion-sensing (and then let that out little news out), then families would have 4 of them and could get some Wii-love. I have both 360 and Wii, and while I still think its a gimmick, WiiSports is very fun. I still think its a gimmick because I haven't seen good use of it yet beyond WiiSports (though the gun thing looks pretty cool from Nin). gCM

Mycococo3877d ago

its not an xbox 360 exclusive. the same game has been on dvd format for forever. it was mediocre then and i really dont see it changing because of a new controller.....but a new controller worked for wii so it may sell well but it wont be a selling point for console itself.

SimmoUK3877d ago

Seen it sure have, it's called BUZZ on the PS2...

DrRage773877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

so are you commenting on the game already being similar to the game Buzz on ps2? because if so, you do realize that the Scene-It games have been around for several years before the ps2 game, right? Also, Buzz for ps2 is a MUSIC trivia game, and the Scene-It games are about MOVIES and TV where is your "Seen it sure have, it's called BUZZ on the PS2.." comment going with that? two different types of games..only connection is they are trivia-type games

Microsoft is not coming out saying this is a brand new game they invented, they simply got a deal with the makers of the game Scene-It to bring it to the 360.

as for the controller, again, i don't recall anyone saying this was a brand new innovative first-of-its-kind is paired with the game for future party-type board games and trivia games for the 360

razer3877d ago

Go back to the PS3 side of this site dude! You're comparison is totally off the mark. Don't you ever give your 360 bashing a rest?

dale13877d ago

oh no its buzz what a rip off hide your head in shame

Evoluti0n3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )


EZCheez3877d ago

Does anyone else here have On Demand? Scene It games are available for free to be streamed directly to your TV, and come in many different versions.

Also, I hope whoever wrote that about Scene It "rocking" the Microsoft press conference was joking. It probably had about as big an impact as the Disney announcement.

OFF TOPIC- Who was that loser who played with Reggie Bush? That guy had to be the lamest person to take the stage during the entire brief.

"I guess you'll play O, and I'll play D, huh Reggie? Ha, Ha, Ha!"

razer3877d ago

But never tried to use this.. It seems rather stupid playing it on cable. Do you pass the remote control around the room? I have played the actual retail version and it is fun with a group of people and a few brews.

I don't see why people are trying to spin yet another piece of good news into something bad..

EZCheez3877d ago

Actually, it's just a "guess whatever the hell puzzle the screen is showing and whoever gets it scores" kind of gameplay. I like Scene It but I don't care for the gameboard. I would hope the 360 version doesn't require it. Every time my in-laws come to visit and we pull this game out the board kind of sucks the fun out of it.

BTW, I'm not trying to say anything negative about this. I'm merely pointing out that there are other ways to play this game on TV already, and that they are free.

I still stand beside my statement though that the announcer was LAME.

Balance3877d ago

he was another over paid vp, one thing i noticed during madden is the same old madden BS,,, super reggie the running back plows over defenders like he is 300lbs and outruns everyone, go madden (EA you suck!)

this game looks really cool for family get togethers or drunken parties. getting the wireless controllers for it with the game is awsome. they didn't mention though if you could challenge other people over xbox live with it

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