IncGamers - Hydrophobia Release And Platforms Clarified

IncGamers has an update on the information surrounding the exclusivity of Hydrophobia.

"After the contradictory news yesterday that Hydrophobia will be released on the Xbox 360, IncGamers has spoken to Dark Energy Digital boss, Pete Jones to clarify the release of the game.

Jones told IncGamers that the game will be released on the Xbox 360 as a timed exclusive with a PC version to follow, as well as a PS3 version released "at some point."

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thetamer2701d ago

Finally some clarification

Cogo2701d ago

Never cool to be left in the dark...

Inside_out2701d ago

Listen to these guys double control after the developer spilled the beans in a interview....

What there saying here is, it will be priced just like a AAA game, even tho it's an ARCADE game built on a PS2 game engine...

Hard to figure out why nobody wanted this game or developer going back to last gen....I think the term is clusterf#@K....

ProjectVulcan2701d ago

Like night follows day, another multi format game with Microsoft money no doubt looking for timed exclusivity as a way to 'beat' other platforms.


These devs are rather c*cky. I like that, now lets see if the game delivers!

hay2701d ago (Edited 2701d ago )

@iFLOWLIKEWATER: I'd rather say they're eloquent in a c0cky manner.

This game appears to be a fresh breeze in the industry, I hope it delivers.

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Maticus2701d ago

Xbox 360 fans rejoice, another exclusive!

Natsu X FairyTail2701d ago

it's not exclusive they just said a PS3 version will follow and a PC version is on the way aswell.

avengers19782701d ago

Yes it will be on 360 first but is also coming to both PC(like all xbox games) and to the PS3 at some point.
It's a Timed Exclusive, but that is really all the need at MS to make a big deal about it.

Biggest2701d ago

Did Maticus really have to add the /s thing? Can it be more blatant? lol

Hands Up For Games2701d ago

Please tell me thats not your birth year (1978)??

Does every Xbox 'exclusive' really appear on the PC, do they really 'all' appear on PC?

The funniest thing is I havent seen MS talk about this game once, can you link me to where they bigged it up?

I dont understand some people sometimes.

Alcon Caper2701d ago

typically means, don't hold your breath

360 exclusive confirmed

avengers19782700d ago

Confirmed for PS3 and PC. Yes CONFIRMED

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Leord2701d ago

Right. Well, that's pretty acceptable. A lot better than exclusive deals.

thetamer2701d ago

It's still exclusive though, isn't it? I mean, it'll have ot be pretty awesome for it to do well digitally.

Fyzzu2701d ago

I don't know whether or not exclusives are on the way out, as I have no idea how much money devs and publishers actually make from those deals, but I'm much happier seeing timed exclusives than I am actual console exclusives.

Dorjan2701d ago

So not exclusive, just delayed?

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