Analysis: Metro 2033 And Post-Apocalyptic Realism

It's rather hard to believe that people in video games ever go to the bathroom, given the lack of such facilities (or their equivalents) in most game worlds. For long, long years, we've been witness to the most bizarre phenomena: entire races, entire galaxies of people who seem content never go to the bathroom. Or at least, that's what we as players must infer, thanks to the total absence of restrooms in the future, or in magic medieval land, or in the pseudo-steampunk Wild West.

We know that these people sleep, because from time to time we see a bed (or, rarely, beds). Of course, it's hard to believe that these people use them much since for every 10 in-game humans there might be half a bed. It's just how games are. We're playing in worlds populated by sleepless, bladderless monsters.

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