Halo Reach Gameplay Analysis: OMG JETPACKZ!

FTG is at it again. This time InstantKarma gives us the "facts" on the latest in the Halo series: Reach.
"With the Halo Reach Beta almost upon us, I decided to do a little gameplay analysis to find out what's in store when this long-awaited beta finally opens (and probably crashes Xbox Live for a few days.)"

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RazzLee3006d ago

Copy of ODST? Check
Schedule day off from work? Check
Working Xbox 360? er...hang on...Check

Let's get this party started!

Dtoxz3005d ago

Anything with the name Halo and the bots are dry humping the sh!t out of it.

you could put out a spiked dild0 and call it the Hay-dildo and xbots would buy it.