dtp Entertainment announces Xbox 360 version of Gray Matter

dtp Entertainment has announced at a press conference in Oxford/UK that Gray Matter, an upcoming adventure game, will be released for the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 version of Gray Matter will be released simultaneously with the PC version in Q4 2010. The game's control system has been adjusted to fit the console's requirements – other than that, Gray Matter's PC and Xbox 360 versions are pretty much identical.

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R2D23031d ago

and why have'nt I heard of it?


More games the merrier! Although, I think they should present this as a XBLA game. And I'm just going off of the vids I've seen for it. I think I would be more likely to download it instead of going out and buying it. But again, this is what I've seen in the videos...

Skywalker3333031d ago

i'm just guessing but probably because you are a younger user?

anyone who was hooked in gaming during the 90s knows what the name Jane Jensen means. She was the writer and creator of the Gabriel Knight series, quite possibly some of the best thriller adventures ever created.

in modern day equivalent, its like saying "rockstar", "bioware", "blizzard" are announcing a new game.

its huuuuge news cause if the game even touches the reaches Gabriel Knight did, then we will have one hell of a title in our hands ;)

Bluemaster773031d ago

havent heard much about this title i wonder how much promise it has

nilamo3031d ago

Wow very nice. I am glad adventure developers are taking these risks after seeing heavy rain perform well. Hopefully this will take off, I want to see more big budget adventure games.

memots3031d ago

This game has way to much grey in it.

/sarcasm :P

Never heard of it either.

Godmars2903031d ago

Looks like a Myst-type game.

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