E3 2007: Viva Pinata: Party Animals Hands-on

You may be confused about what Viva Pinata: Party Animals is. It's only natural. Perhaps this conversation Hilary and IGN's Erik Brudvig had will clear things up. If not, the hands-on impressions that follow surely will.

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Odion3937d ago

this actual sounds pretty fun a mario kart/party game, if its fun i may pick it up.

And an even bigger surprise people are liking Scene it!

DrRage773937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

yeah i am looking to pick this up and Scene-it. my wife will enjoy to play those, and so will our friends. i know alot of people won't care for these types of games, but people need to remember that there are more than just hardcore gamers playing the 360. i play mostly fps games, but games that i can have my wife participate in are lots of fun. i also enjoy playing party games like the mario party series (best party game ever), so these upcoming ones will be great.

we can start looking forward to more board game type of party games coming out for the 360 to take advantage of the controllers that are included with Scene-it

DG3937d ago

Any game that gets my chick to play the 360 (like that stupid asian party game and the tennis games plus she loves mario cart) is a plus cuz then she cant [email protected] at me for playing other games.

MK_Red3937d ago

Its good to see Pinatas back. The original was a masterpiece IMO and was sadly ignored by most. Hope this one can bring more fans to Viva Pinata universe.

calidredz3937d ago

Released against GOW, it was a big mistake on MS studios part. I still think WTF were they thinking.

PS360WII3937d ago

Good to see that Rare was able to sport out a sequel to one of it's games. Glad Viva is making a statement for the 360 casuals

original seed3937d ago

But do you guys realize that this game is NOT being developed by RARE. Another studio is doing it.

marionz3937d ago

not by rare? wow thats a shame! hopefully they do a good job though, i loved viva pinata and bought it and gears when they released, and had a great time playing both
i cant wait for this and scene it, its good to have some casual fun games, i get so sick of serious stuff all the time, im looking forward to blue dragon and naruto too oh and rock band and guitar hero 3
as for serious games want mass effect pgr4 and halo 3
but e3 was fully worth it for me just hearing viva pinata party animals being anounced for this year! bring it on!