Sony "No Comment" On E3 List

TSA Writes:

David Jaffe's already said the currently circulating E3 List is "not accurate", and a quick chat with Sony just now would suggest the same too. The official line is that they're not commenting, but we're fairly confident that no publisher would know what the other publishers are up to at this particular stage, and certainly not in any such detail.

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Sev2853d ago

Sorry everyone, it's a fake.

At E3, each publisher tries to one up each other. Things are kept secret until the very last minute (or at least they try to keep them secret). Last year someone was arrested for spying on the rehearsal for the Sony press conference from the top set of bleachers.

If MS saw that Sony had that many more games ready for E3, don't you think MS would push some extra stuff that may not yet be ready to make up for it?

E3 doesn't need to know what each publisher is showing. So there is no reason a list like that would even exist.

So as great as that list looks, it is a complete and utter hoax.

TOO PAWNED2853d ago

hmm someone disagreed with you, i guess some people are that r...rted.
List is BS, since E3 twitter, guy or girl on other side said that he/she has no clue what is going to be shown. So i guess some Russian blogger has all the secrets, give me a break...
Why would ME3 be at Sony press? First two games were not released on PS3 so having 3rd out of blue would not do much for PS3 gamers. Rest of the list i wont even comment..its just pathetic. O and if you run Omikoden in translation programs, yeah guess what there is no such word in Japanese language, that shmuck just wanted to stear the pot and make everyone believe it is Okami 2 or whatever.

Lucreto2853d ago

It would have been interesting if Mass Effect 3 was an Sonys conference. They would announce a collection of the first two games at the same time.

I skimmed the list and I saw Omikoden. I misread it and I thought it said Suikoden. I jumped out of my seat for a second there.

It looks like someone saw all the rumours and put it down on paper and said it was real.

Hands Up For Games2853d ago

The closer we get to E3, the more of these 'crazy' rumour stories were going to get im afraid. I dont want to know what any of the big platforms are going to be showing anyway, I think this could be a great E3 for everyone, so why would you want to ruin the potential surprise anyway?

hakis862853d ago

No way Forza 4 it out so soon, And I doubt Sony announces Mass Effect 3 on the PS3 (and why is this game not on the 360 list? makes no sense).

I also doubt Bad company 3 announcement SO soon. Would rather see Battlefield 3 :)

TreMillz2853d ago

Holy if they kept everything under wraps so far, the announcments could be freakin rated OMG!

UNCyrus2853d ago

Everyone knows that Sony doesn't comment on rumors or speculation... this article is fail

TreMillz2853d ago

1. The whole thing is a fake.

2. If its real, Sony is gonna amp it up even more due to all the games being shown.

3. Microsoft said; "WHAT?! Do you see their games?! Get the damn cows out and start milking!!! We are not losing E3!!!" XD I kid, I kid.

4. If this list is true, Call of Duty is officialy dead, a Call of Duty MMO?
............*epic facepalm*

Lol wow now around the net its saying a source says M$ leaked the photo? Lmfao, well I'm not sure but comparing Microsofts list to Sony's, I kinda see why they would but I doubt it, M$ can't go that low....can they?

Anyways, I hope its a fake, Sonys list is practically composed of what PS fans want, so easy to put together.

zoks3102853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

My 6 year old daughter could have made that list using Microsoft Office, edited it, print it out, take a photo of it and posted a link to the pic on twitter.

Also, we all know that Move and Natal is going to have a big presence at E3, that list does not not show any casual or hardcore games that represent either Natal or Move.

Sony's E3 press starts on 06/15/2010 at 2:30pm(ET) or 11:30am(PT) and it should run about 2 hours.

IdleLeeSiuLung2853d ago

Not to mention that there is nothing official about that list other than it looks like somebody printed it from their home printer....

himdeel2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

...list and to be honest she should be grounded for not putting ME3 on 360 side :)

vhero2853d ago

There is one game I know about missing from that list anyways and I would be massively surprised if they missed it.

mugoldeneagle032853d ago

After last years Slim leak Sony's trying to keep things quiet this time around, and should have no problem since most of their keynote should focus on upcoming software and Move. Maybe the PSP2 but that would be a stretch I think.

Still, there's a whole month before E3 so I guess there's still time for something to leak.

TotalPS3Fanboy2853d ago

Peoples are going to be so stunned at E3 this year. Hahaha.

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Natsu X FairyTail2853d ago

hilarious list. really fakee.

Colonel-Killzone2853d ago

Sony has been very quiet this year about e3 and thats probably because previous e3 got ruined with all there information being leaked to the public. So its obvious they will keep everything hush hush. I hope to see a trailer for killzone 3. ^_^

OmegaSlayer2853d ago

Sony is killing me with all this silence, while the whole April has basically been a 360 month.

GenerationWinner2853d ago

i hope your ready for whats coming in the coming months.

OmegaSlayer2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Yeah, you're right GenerationWhiner.
I don't know how much I will laugh at you guys for clowning like crazy spiders in front of Natal.

Gotta admit that, I'm afraid of your obscene irreligious blasphemous carnal morbid parkinson-like new frontier of gaming.

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