IGN chat with id's Tim Willits about Wolfenstein, their new IP, and Tech5.

Unfortunately for gamers everywhere id Software's presence at E3 was pretty small on a consumer scale. While Quake Wars was along for the ride on a couple of platforms many were really hoping to catch a glimpse of id's new IP, which was teased briefly by the Tech 5 demo at Mac World a while back or the new Wolfenstein game being developed at Raven. IGN stepped aside before their turn at Quake Wars on the 360 to chat with co-owner and Lead Designer Tim Willits about those two new games and Tech 5 itself.

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is wolfie coming to ps3??

Best game for X box i think

THC CELL3938d ago

Yes it is coming to ps3!

God of Gaming3937d ago

Actually a couple E3's ago I think Peter Moore said they had signed an exclusive deal for the next Wolfenstein game.... That is what is stuck in my head anyways...

MK_Red3938d ago

Cant wait to see the first game based on Tech5. Could it be a UE3 killer?

Satanas3938d ago

Wolfenstein Tides of War was one of my favourite Live games back at that time. Hope this next one is killer too.