Extended "Birth of a Spartan" Halo: Reach trailer now available

The Lost Gamer writes:

Following the debut of the 60-second live-action "Birth of a Spartan" short, used to promote both next weeks Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta but also the title's exclusive Xbox 360 release later this year, Microsoft have released an extended 2 minutes 30 version to Xbox Live Gold Subscribers.

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Seedhouse3032d ago

Seriously can't wait for the Beta - roll on Monday!

PlainOldGamer3032d ago

Pretty cool and all. Just disappointing that the trailer gives off so much more of an EPIC feel that the actual game will never be able to fill. Developers stop wasting time with trailers like this and CG trailers and not have the game anything like them. This isn't aimed at just HALO I'm just saying my opinion that is sure to get a many disagreements. :)

BeaArthur3032d ago

Yeah I was going to do some Halo 3 as prep work this weekend but seeing as how you can't jump as high and the controls are different I think it would be more of a hinderance.

Solidus187-SCMilk3032d ago

I gotta play the SP this weekend and the beta should be fun too.

Im glad they wont be able to jump as high in reach, there is too many people who just jump too much.

BattleAxe3031d ago

Pokemon is for little kids........

Cyorg3031d ago

I hate live-action trailers for video games. I wan't to see gameplay footage. Although this was a cool commercial, it doesn't make me want to buy it. Maybe it's just me, but commercials need to be informative.

SixZeroFour3031d ago

correction, commercials SHOULD be informative, but sadly that isnt the case for MANY commercials out there

for myself, commercials should make the consumers want to but the product, and this one tries to get the consumers pumped up to jump into that persons (carter) shoes (even tho in this case you wont be doing that, lol)

the odst ones did an excellent job in marketing the product, even tho it didnt show any gameplay footage, it got the consumers excited about the product, also, dont tell me that ppl blindly bought halo pretty sure the majority of the ppl knew what they were getting with all bungies vidocs and internet at their disposal

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SixZeroFour3032d ago wasnt that much more different than the shorter 60 sec version, but it was still well made

proved that a halo short doesnt specifically need to be made by niel blomkamp to be a good live action halo short...bring on a movie 343, pleeaaassseee!!!

looking forward to all the marketing/advertising that bungie and microsoft will reveal through live action shorts, cgi, and vidocs...loving every bit of it so far

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Riv4L3032d ago

>go to watch trailer
>prompted to install Silverlight
Stop bugging me with this fail MS xD

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