Sega Announces First Person Shooter Pack For The Wii

Last Year Sega was all about the first person shooter on the Wii, what with Conduit and House of the Dead: Overkill but aside from making new games it saw a chance of just rereleasing some old games like the House of the Dead: 2&3 pack and Ghost Squad. Well they're doing it again.

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Yi-Long3033d ago

I can't believe we now have big HD TV's, powerfull next-gen consoles, and the whole lightgun-genre is pretty much completely dead and buried.

How awesome would it be to just have some great lightgun-games on 360 or PS3. Not ports of old games, but up-to-date modern new HD ones, with many alternative routes, and with a proper quality lightgun that doesn't look like a rejected waterpistol.

That would just be absolutely amazing to play in your own home cinema set-up.

SpoonyRedMage3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Yer, it would be great but it's impossible. Light Guns are incompatible with modern TVs.

and there was a light gun game on the PS3 and it completely flopped but Sony's making that "The Shoot" which I believe is a light gun game for Move.

EDIT: And the genre isn't dead, two releases have topped a mil this gen.. but neither was on a HD system so I guess that doesn't count?

Valay3033d ago

Isn't this old? I could have sworn this was announced awhile ago.

Valay3033d ago

Nevermind, misread the description of this post.

Mahr3033d ago

I know, not a single Virtua Cop game included in the pack? I hope someone was fired for that oversight.

ian723033d ago

I got Time Crisis 4 with Gun-con3 and it worked well for me. Doesn't matter which TV you have as it works with 2 sensors that attach to the top of your tv at each side. You have to calibrate the gun and stay in the same area for it to work right, and if you do it works well (does for me).
I enjoy playing Time Crisis 4 on my HDTV, looks good, just like arcade.
With the gun having all the buttons and 2 thumb sticks it works well for open world games, not just on rails ones. There is a game on TC4 which isn't on rails (open world levels) and it works great when you get used to the controls. Works like any other game but instead of having a cross-hair in middle of screen you can aim anywhere on screen with the gun. I liked this idea and loved playing this part of TC4, it's a pity no more games have been made using these controls, if there was I would get them.

Cajun Chicken3033d ago

If Namco released more games for the GunCon 3, then I would have got it. However, one game is not reason for a purchase. I have most the Guncon 2 games and love them on my PS2.

I mean, get this; why don't Namco make a LBP-like Point Blank? Why not make your own levels and challenges, share them online? Kind of like the new Warioware on DS. 'Point Blank Gallery' anyone?

I miss lightgun games now. I'm planning on picking up the few released on Wii in the last few years. They are an awesome genre and I visit arcades when I can just to play them these days.

asdr3wsfas3033d ago

no guncon 3 vibration = trash

3033d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.