IncGamers - Halo: Reach Multiplayer Preview

IncGamers' little Lauren Wainwright has been playing with the forces of future Sparta...

"Two hours was all it took to assure me that Halo: Reach was on the right path. Reach wasn't just another ticket into the Halo universe, but a surprisingly addictive and satisfying addition to the 360 catalogue. With fans gearing up for the launch of the multiplayer beta, launching May 3rd, Microsoft invited press to get an early sneak peak at the beta."

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Medievaldragon2787d ago

whoa, another Halo? Do they want people to ever sleep? Last launch people were marathoning it.

Leord2787d ago

Same with any popular game ;)

thetamer2787d ago

This really is the game I'm looking forward to. I know Halo can be a bit floaty, but it's great fun

Leord2787d ago

"only" 2 hours?

I find you kind of feel if you're on the right path after a few minutes with a game.

Then it CAN surprise you, but mostly not.

Dorjan2787d ago

Sounds like a step in the right direction!

Fyzzu2787d ago

Yeah, okay, I might actually sign onto this beta when it comes around. Can't say I was hugely fussed before, but I enjoyed the Halo 3 beta, and this does sound like quite good fun.

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