Record of Agarest War to be one of the priciest PSN games

Record of Agarest War will be one of the most expensive games on the Playstation Store when it launches this Thursday on the Playstation 3.

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mjolliffe2946d ago

$44.99! Wow, I wonder how many will buy that...

Suppose it saves you heading to the store.

sinncross2946d ago

What I don't get is, is that wouldn't this type of Japanese game sell better on the PS3?
Why go for a PSN release... unless of course the XBLA can not hold such large files (im sorry, I don't recall the file size limit)

Lumbo2946d ago

@sinncross: huh ?

It IS a PS3 game... maybe i misunderstood your intention, but what are you actually suggesting?

PlainOldGamer2946d ago

Well this game looks pretty interesting (The whole soul breeding system) but 45$? I suppose it's fair I was ultimately hoping it would be 20$ so I could just buy a pre-paid PSN card as I can't use my credit card online.

Someday...but when I have 50$ saved I'm more likely to buy a new game rather than a 50$ pre-paid card to get a PSN game.

SaiyanFury2946d ago

Since it's a full-on PS3 game I don't see a problem with them charging 45 dollars. It saves the cost of packaging and whatnot. You can buy DD PSP games on PSN for their full 40 dollar price even if you don't get the packaging. No doubt it's a few more dollars than people seek to spend for a game on the PS Store, it's not completely unreasonable considering the 360 version will most likely be about 60 dollars. Personally, I'd rather have the game on a physical disc, but I'm more comfortable with RPGs played with the DS3 controller rather than the 360's FPS-based controller. I don't know, I just find it uncomfortable as a longtime PS gamer since the 90s. If it's a good game, I don't have a problem paying a reduced price. That said, again, I'd rather have the physical disc to play the game.

sinncross2946d ago

I know its for the PS3 :)

I said 'Why go for a PSN release' in suggesting why there was not a disc based release for a game like this, when it could potentially sell better on the PS3 then the 360, which has a disc based release.

Sorry about the confusion :)

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2Spock2946d ago

That reminds me i have to go take a dump.

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hatchimatchi2946d ago

I've had the euro version since last year. It's an alright game, it's pretty linear and the graphics could be done on the psp but jrpg/srpg fans will most likely enjoy it.

paradigmfellow2946d ago

Yes they would like it but those same people already imported the UK version. These same people are boycotting this game in the US since it is digital only on PS3. This will show asksys not to do this again.

catguykyou2946d ago

Will it really though? Or will they just see poor sales and not won't to bother releasing again in the US? Maybe they released only digital in the US because their last few games sold horrible here and releasing digital is a far less risky venture? I'm sure they saw it as a way of getting a game out here in the US without risking costly printing/distribution payments.

washingmachine2946d ago

frak that,wonder wot they will charge in uk,if peeps are new to it you can buy the already agarest game out on disc,but it has massive of small dlc content

paracardium2946d ago

I don't see the big deal..especially when you can game share it..split the cost with 3 friends and it's pretty cheap.

kraze072946d ago

EU version is currently unavailable on Amazon right now. Anybody know a good site to order imports from?

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