Ace Combat 6 Demo Impressions takes the game hands on.

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Daxx3843d ago

I actually liked the demo. I tryed doing stunts like flying in between buildings and stuff.

Grown Folks Talk3843d ago

i liked it much more than blazing angels. and let's not get started with over g.

cain1413843d ago

It looks like this will be the best option out there for sure.

cdzie13843d ago

I couldn't get over how smooth this game was, is it 60fps?

A must buy for me!

eLiNeS3843d ago

until Crimson Skies 2.

Groo3843d ago

I've played the demo as well, Its looks great but I didn't really find anything special about it. Don't take my word for it though, I'll admit I'm not really into flight sim/fighter games.

masterg3843d ago

Am I the only one who though all enemy airplanes should have been marked much better.
I got a little bored after about an half hour.
It looks good though. (just don't fly close to the grown and look at the flat buildings)

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