Motion Control Losing Control

Simon Weatherall of This Is My Joystick writes about why motion control in games is a bad thing, and how the PS Move and Natal are being forced on gamers by Sony and Microsoft who are both on ego trips.

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sashimi2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Sony isn't forcing motion controls on their fanbase....Sony will continue creating games for the traditional controller and that will not stop.Motion controls will give gamers another experience and try to reach out to another audience.IF any Gaming company can focus on both the traditional and motion control gaming at the same time it is Sony with it's 20+ First/2nd party studio along with 3rd party support. Microsoft on the other hand that remains to be seen and time will tell how that turns out.Also we've seen how Nintendo turned out..

zerocool33972823d ago

The point I was making is that we as gamers haven't asked for it. Its being forced because MS and Sony are trying to be the best, constantly competing and forcing change upon us. I am hoping that motion control won't go the same way as the Eyetoy which pretty much became useless after a time.

ryano232772823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I understand what you are saying about us "Gamers" not asking for it.

But to MS & Sony, XX Million Wii's sold says gamers do.

I enjoyed the Wii briefly, the sport games as you mentioned (for years the main games I would play) were the most enjoyable. Due to the limits in motion. In saying that my idea of motion control in Madden, isn't pressing buttons to pass and waggling.

I haven't brushed off motion control completely and thats because MS & Sony hopefully release great games for their motion control devices.

@ Sashimi - your thoughts on Sony being in a better position, due to the 1st party devs is a fairly reasonable take on that and can some what agree. But MS although have showed nothing, they may leave alot up their sleeve.

E3 and beyond will be interesting.

green2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Please can you enlighten us on the exact instance that human beings stepped out in droves asking for the light bulb, electricity,computers, facebook, the automobile,TV's and even the precious games consoles before anyone brought up the idea to make them? IMO that was a very naive statement.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft if forcing it on anyone.Every single PS3 sold will still be bundled with a controller but not all will be bundled with the Move and the same goes for Microsoft.

We all know the primary goal of these devices is profit and market share but if they can some how improve the experience for the games we love so much, then we should all embrace it. If in the end, they both get released and they end up being crap, then people will turn their backs on it and they will fail.

For me, i am all up for change and positive progression and if MOve will make me better in a FPS game and Natal + Controller Hybrid will aid the experience i get from core games, then I am all up for it and you should as well.

zerocool33972823d ago

Everyone knows that the majority of people using the Wii are not core users/hardcore gamers. They are casual gamers and young kids more than anything. I worked a short spell in a game shop and the majority of Wii sales were to aged 40 and upwards for either their young kids or themselves for party games.

Also you pretty much said that you grew tired of motion control. I just think that as revolutionary as it is, its something that should be for the future.

The biggest difference between the Wii motion control, the Move and Natal is that Nintendo designed their console with that function from the start, MS and Sony are adding it to their list of devices which past experience dictates, is never a good thing.

zerocool33972823d ago

"Neither Sony nor Microsoft if forcing it on anyone.Every single PS3 sold will still be bundled with a controller but not all will be bundled with the Move and the same goes for Microsoft."

That in itself is forcing it on new users.

Im not saying that taking technological leaps is a bad thing but you also have to understand that the lightbulb, computers, automobile, TV's hell the fridge-freezer took years before the technology was effective. I agree its a trial and error situation but gaming unlike the above mentioned is at its pinnacle. How much has TV's changed, how much has the light bulb changed, how much has the car changed? The answer is simple, very little and very gradual over a very long period of time!

I am up for change too but you have to learn to walk before you can run.

Hill_billy2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Ummmmm.... I'm a gamer and I have asked for it. Sorry you feel this way but your feelings are not indicative of the entire gaming population. I have kids and they love the PS3 and Xbox 360. They also love the Wii and find that the motion controls are great for them and they make some family games a blast. To that I ask Sony and MS to bring it on and let me have some of that same fun with my kids using their consoles.

Until the day an MS or Sony rep stops by my house and forces me to buy their motion controls at gun point, I am going to have to respectfully disagree with your sentiments here. I want motion controls as it offers another level of games to my systems. If you don't that's fine but don't say the "gamers" don't want it. Some of us actually do.

green2823d ago

My point exactly Hill Billy. Zero, when did you become the voice for all gamers? Just because you don't want it does not mean that others feel the same way. I want it, and i am a gamer. If done right, i will snap up Move and Natal in a heartbeat.

How can Sony making a Move special bundle be "forcing it on gamers" when there will be cheaper bundles out there that don't include the Move?Will Sony put a gun to your head forcing you to buy the way more expensive Move bundle over the cheaper non Move equipped bundle?

SuperM2823d ago

The difference between Wii and PS3 move motion control is huge just from a technical standpoint. Yes nintendo created the console with motion control in mind but that doesnt take away from the fact that it is a limited form of motion control. The control isnt really good for anything but pointing (for example an FPS) because the system has no idea where the controller is and only to a certain degree what moves it does. As a result most games on the wii are controlled by making gestures. You swing your hand in a direction and that will again trigger something in the game.

This is not what the move is about. The move is basically like an extension of your arm in to the game. Since the system always knows exactly where the controller is in the room and can track every motion you do, the motion that are reflected on screen will be exactly the same as you do with your own hand. That is leaps and bounds over what the wii allows you to do. Its the next generation of motion control. It allows for new experiences not possible on the wii or anywhere else for that matter.

I think when the wii was announced alot of gamers were very excited about the idea of motion control. However they ended up not liking it because it didnt allow them to do what they thought they would do. Many people was imagining for example a sword game where it was just like swingning a sword in real life. However that kind of experiences just wasnt possible on the wii. Thats why people are hating on motion controls now, because it didnt deliver on the wii. One thing is for sure though. The tech will deliver on the PS3. The only question that remains is, will the games deliver. Wether or not PS3 was designed or not with motion control in mind doesnt matter at all. Why would it matter? Obviously it was designed with it in mind because of the PS-eye but really, the only thing that matters is what kind of software they create for it.

zerocool33972823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

I never said I was, its called intelligent debate and opinionated discussion. Some gamers have asked for it have they but a majority haven't.

E3 last year.. MS unveiled Natal, Sony in reaction to that felt that they had to speed up their unveiling, both fact. Where did you see the memo that said please bring me motion control because every gamer wants it? Before that it wasn't even thought of on the Xbox or PS3 and was specific to the Wii.

I dont disagree that some gamers want it but its not something that we specifically picked up the phone and said "give us motion control"

It would seem that you want motion control but you also don't speak for all the gamers in the world. I commend you for putting blind faith in two products that haven't even been released, also two products that you haven't tried.

Has it really been done right? Speeded up development cycle and cut corners because of costs.. What about the games? Most motion control games are very short and repetitive.

Did you not read the full article? I did state areas where motion control would work well or did you miss that part.

As the old saying goes, if its not broke don't try and fix it ;)

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blizzard_cool2823d ago

I'll start believing in motion controls when MS & Sony start spouting out good games that actually take good use of the motion control.

Until then I say **** it.

Soulman uk12823d ago

Just how many natal and move games have you played then? Because unless you're an industry insider, I don't see how you could make such a comment?

I am only slightly interested in motion control at the moment because of what it could develop into. I have to admit the advertisements on controlling the dashboard with voice and movement I find very appealing. But Like Simon I am also a traditional gamer, and for me it is about sitting back with my controller and relaxing.

I agree on some degree if is being forced upon us, but I think they see it as moving the technology forward. So yes it is forced, but for now i'll give them the benefit.

But they better not take my controller away!!

JustTheFactsMr2823d ago

Well I'll likely be using it for Socom 4 on day one. I think it will give the more casual players amongst us a better chance than using our thumbs on sticks.

Looking forward to it personally.

xabmol2823d ago

Metroid Prime Corruption made me a believer in motion controls. It was the only game I played on the Wii (other than bowling lol) that I felt was better off with them. This game shows that the Wiimote/Move is the best control scheme for the FPS genre, IMHO.

If Sony/MS can give us games that do what M:PC did, gamers will rejoice! least I will. :D

gluv652823d ago

ZeroCool, I just want you to know that I'm a gamer and I don't mind motion controls at all. It's not infringing on me whatsoever. I see the PS Move as a great input device, because it has it foot in both camps Wii and Natal. In your article you only say its like the Wii which is untrue.

VerbalKint272823d ago

'When stating Opinion as fact goes wrong'

I'm not entirely sure where Simon has stated his opinion to be cold hard fact. It's an opinion piece.

It's an editorial on a site that's aim is for a personal approach. We encourage people to put their personality and opinion into their work (as long as they've justify that opinion, as personally, it's far more interesting than reading half of the generic stuff you find on the big sites, and encourages debate.

divideby02823d ago

how can this dude say its "forced" when you can still buy games and controllers ?
what MS is gonna see is that a high price tag on motion is not going to be mainstream.... no way I am going to spend 100 bucks on either

sxpacks2823d ago

PC gamers said/say the same thing with Keyboard Mouse vs Controller.

I don't want to sit on my couch half ass playing. I want to be hunched over my keyboard ready to frag the next noob that walks next to my super mega computer with x54 graphics ddr4 memory mega gaming system.

Keyboard Mouse > Controller > Any type of motion controller.

There's lots of games and lots of genres. There's room for all 3/4 control types

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