FFXIV: Tanaka and Komoto interview via Famitsu

An in-depth interview with Tanaka and Komoto about the current state of Final Fantasy XIV's alpha test, future beta test plans, the discrepancy between the number of reports submitted by JP/NA/EU testers and more. Includes contradicting information on the game's completion percentage, casting slight doubt on its supposed 2010 release.

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RosoTron362948d ago

Hopefully no unexpected problems occur and the release date gets pushed back... ;;

vhero2948d ago

So if they still on for 2010 release date then not long now until beta test for PS3 which is cool as I applied for BETA test when I bought FFXIII.

Myst2948d ago

Whoa wait what...?

"Tanaka says the game is "probably in the final 10% of its development cycle," yet he then goes on to say that the game is only about 65% complete. Confused? So are we."

I don't know whether to jump up and down and say 'Yes! We can still get it for summer [more than likely late summer]'Or say 'Hmm looks like we've got a bit of waiting to do.'

Either way a very good and informative interview piece.

tda-danny2947d ago

They haven't even started Beta yet, they're still in Alpha.

Honestly, if this game comes out before Oct/Nov, it will be shocking.