Nintendo: Wii shortages to continue this Holiday season

The Nintendo Wii may become even harder to come by this Holiday season, the busiest sales period for the games industry.

George Harrison, Senior VP of marketing at Nintendo told Reuters that, "There is no guarantee that we are not going to have 'out-of-stocks' this holiday season."

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Dlacy13g4021d ago

The more I have played it the more I realize the Wii is a step back for gaming. They call the controller revolutionary....I call it in-precise and glitchy. They say the Wii appeals to a broader audience....I say it appeals to the masses because its designed for retards....and the masses are retarded when it comes to gaming. The Wii-mote makes avg/crap gamers look better than they are and good/great gamers look avg due to its wonky control and precision. Everyone is comfortable playing it cause everyone is equals on it.

Nintendo knew they could not compete for the hardcore gamers anymore so they went the other direction and went after the lowest common denominator....retardation. Thanks will set gaming back years with your retard box. Crap graphics, retard mini games up the ass and 50k titles with Mario somewhere in it....fantastic, can't wait!

ArduousAndy4021d ago

they are taking it further.

Instead of you sitting down on a couch and looking at a pretty picture while you mash buttons. Nintendo designed a control system that gets you into the game. If you want to swing a sword in zelda you need to move your arm as if you were swinging a sword. If you want to aim a gun you have to aim the nunchuck as if it was a gun.

But no you still think that gaming is about graphics and power. This takes us one step closer into bringing Virtual Reality into the room. But you cant see that. All you see is people buying games on a less powerful and graphically challenged system.

Mighty Boom4021d ago

But the novelty wears off quick. I will eventually buy one again (sold my last one ) just for the back catalog of games they have. I personaly dont want to fling my flail my arms around every time I play a game. I hope it does not set the industry back 10 years though. But I understand how it could. MS and Sony look at the Wii's success and instead of innovating they take a few steps back and realize the dont need cutting edge graphics or innovative game play to sell consoles.

Dlacy13g4021d ago

I understand your argument. But I flat out disagree with you! This system by Nintendo has abosolutely ZERO ability to bring about virtual reality. To achieve VR you absolutely NEED the high end graphics and power to pull it off. Having a remote that makes you move your arms around to get it to react may seem like VR to you but it is hardly the case as that wii-mote lacks the precision.

VR is all about fooling the senses into believing you are in an alternate reality...The Wii has NONE of the capablilities to do this. And Sony and MS could very well begin backward steps to dumb their machines down (ala six-axis) in reaction to the Wii success. To truly pull off VR macines need to make the strides in its technology. Making a controller that allows motion of the body & translates on screen has been around for quite some time....its not new. Have you not scene the boxing games and police shooter game in the arcades that had sensors which reacted to your body movement?

No sorry...the Wii is a retard box. It is not about VR is about making simple games that simple people can play and if anythig it is pulling us away from VR rather than drawing us to it.

ItsDubC4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

You make it sound like sight is the only sense.

Just because you feel that the Wii-remote is imprecise doesn't mean it's an inferior control interface. I feel like moving an aiming reticle on screen w/ a directional pad or analog stick is so last-century. Standard controllers are not optimal for all games. As an example, try playing Duckhunt with a standard controller.

The game industry has become so bent on improving graphics over the last 10 years that other facets of gaming have been put on the backburner. It's no wonder that those who are used to this trend would see anything different as a step back. Think outside of the box for once.

ArduousAndy4021d ago

after re-reading what i wrote it came across as angry and a personal attack on you Darcy. That was not my intent. So if it did i apologies.

Second on the VR.

Sight is often misleading. Just like movies tv and so forth they are all optical illusions. Our Minds see it as a moving picture but in reality all it is are picture frames changing real fast to create an illusion of movement. Same things with computers and video games all they are, are 1's and o's moving along and being displayed on screen.

when you get into a game its not the graphics that pull you in. At first yes cause its what we see. But when you get into a game and the story starts to show its self you get into it. What nintendo is doing is creating a medium that once story pulls you in you get the movement which is the feel aspect into play.

Take for example DDR. Its not the graphics that pull people into it but the music and the dance move combinations you have to put in.

What would you rather do. Lets say you had two games graphics(we are talking extremely high end here stuff that Sony wishes they can pull off. Stuff that we wont see till the next generantion consoles come out) are exactly the same sound is exactly the same what would you rather do sit on a couch and button mash or pretend you are actually in the game using sensory montion detection. Where if you move your arm the character moves its arm?

MyNutsYourChin4021d ago

Just a few words toward Dlacy13g, if you are trying to find support for your arguments it may be wiser to stop name calling the masses (and thus the majority of gamers) as retards.

Try acting a bit more educated and mature about your arguments and maybe more people will "see" your point (I used "see" because I noticed your other senses have been deteriorated by current mainstream technology).

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thatguy_04021d ago

This Christmas will mark 1 year since launch and you still won't be able to find a Wii on store shelves? Open another production facility Nintendo! 33 straight weeks of sellouts, might signal you need more production...

akaFullMetal4021d ago

or that they are making a demand for it, by producing what they want so its a impulse buy, cause you cant find one, and when you finally do you are like " god theres a wii, you cant find one at all, i have to buy it, before someone else does."

FordGTGuy4021d ago

Its kind of annoying but its a business plan.

ItsDubC4021d ago

So Nintendo is limiting Wii production and yet the console is still outselling its competitors by a significant margin?

Business Plan A: Produce as many units as possible in an attempt to meet excessive demand.

Business Plan B: Limit production to increase demand even though demand is already far exceeding supply, and risk potential consumers losing interest.

Business Plan A seems more likely.

MyNutsYourChin4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

I didn't receive that memo. Where and when did Nintendo's marketing plan surface to the public? Or is this just your opinion? Because without evidence, I see no reason to agree with you.

FordGTGuy4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

There is nothing used in the Wii to make it hard to produce all in all they should be able to produce over 600-700 thousand a month easier with this older technology.

Believe me Nintendo isn't producing the most they can be.


What else would it be its not like I work for Nintendo marketing or anything.

ItsDubC4021d ago (Edited 4021d ago )

That is merely an assumption and if that assumption were true, it would only apply to some of the electronic components in the Wii. Wiis, just like any other product, cannot be sold unless they are assembled in their entirety. As an example, the housing for the console is not what one would consider "older technology" but each Wii unit cannot be sold unless it has a housing, regardless if all of the other pieces are there.

Of course there will be more advanced components that take longer to produce, and that is the basis for your assumption. But it is also true that older parts don't always take significantly less time to produce, and that old parts aren't always just readily available in mass quantities.

I do think Nintendo should be upping their production but I don't think they are purposefully creating a shortage. Earlier this year, the CEO of Gamestop publicly claimed that Nintendo was creating a shortage until April but he was proven to be dead wrong. Regardless of the reason for the shortage, demand is not being met.

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