Jaffe's New Title Won't Get E3 Unveiling

David Jaffe's new, secret title will not appear at the E3 conference in June, according to the man himself.

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SpaceSquirrel2784d ago

Sounds like his game won't be released in 2010

mjolliffe2784d ago

To be honest, I would have expected an E3 unveil AT THE LATEST.

But if more time helps ESP create an awesome game, then I'm good :)

Kerrby2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

Wow, I've officially given up on the game.

I've been waiting for this forever!

EDIT: Why the disagrees? How long has he been hyping up his game? Will we have to wait two years?

Max Power2784d ago

about a month ago that they were working on the story boards for the games movies, and he said that it usually takes a year for those to be completed.

THC CELL2784d ago

hey max u never no it might be before e3

note i never diss u.

nix2784d ago

well, you can always unveil it before E3! we won't mind! we all will be equally ecstatic! q:

mjolliffe2784d ago

Surely though, if it were to be revealed before E3, it would be at Sony's pre-E3 conference (if there's one this year), meaning it would be set for E3.

So no, unfortunately :(

TreMillz2784d ago

As long as he gives some info this year. There's always GamesCom.

sikbeta2784d ago

Jaffe, "yo soon of da beach!!!"

Come on, Show Something, I trust in this man, but the Wait is freaking annoying...

Commander TK2784d ago

he said he was going to reveal it at this year's E3!

NateNater2784d ago

Well that's a big disappointment for me. It won't be unveiled at E3 but there's still a chance it can be unveiled this year.

WildArmed2783d ago

WoW. Wth hell has he been making..
it's been under the wraps for too long.
I atleast want a teaser.. so I know to look forward to the game or not.

zane_78492783d ago

Jaffe you're a cool dude, and I like you. But I'm really sick of hearing what your game isn't. Just be quiet til you have something to show.'

DarkSpawnClone2783d ago

"Jaffe's New Title Won't Get E3 Unveiling" GOD DAMN IT! SH!T OR GET OFF THE POT!!! , if we don't get twisted metal this year we better get warhawk! those are the 2 games i want the most this year.

TotalPS3Fanboy2783d ago

Instead, it will be revealed BEFORE E3! LOL.

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arakouftaian2784d ago

He is been alking a lot
I start to get anoying by his BS
what went with you
grew up men

the other one that is been talking BS is
Kojima he is been acting like a lil biach girl

DrWan2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

He just want to notify his fans that his game won't be shown in E3 so we shouldn't have our hopes up high, therefore fans won't be disappointed when they dont' see it...

u need to take a chill pill

Kojima..said he finished PW and now will help the MGS Rising team finish up...that's BS? wtf

You are the only one i see talking BS at this point.

Jinxstar2784d ago

Yeah.... It's not Jaffe's fault that every time he tweets someone makes some convoluted article about it. He's really not doing much but people are blowing it up to things it's not... He's not really talking much and if you follow his tweets he may ask a question like "What do you gamers prefer. Co-op or vs" so he can get an unbiased point of view... What do people do with that. They write "Jaffe not sure if Twisted Metal Sequel will have multiplayer"...

arakouftaian2783d ago

he said that what the game is all about give clues that is TM and then next day he said its not and then next day he give more clues saying that its TM and next day he said no.
is is talking pure BS create fake HYPE and DRAMA.

KOJIMA, i enjoy MGS4 , but he talk bs about how even BLURAY is to smalls and the enxt thing he does is go and make a game for the PSP the PSP come on wtf, and know he is working on XBOX and don't lie yourself he is in MGS RAIDEN he is part of it. if you dont think he is not your blind and don't want to get hurt by that.

and last thing he said is that if he fails he will not make game no more wtf. did he touch your felling and make you cry?

all this tlaking is PURE BS same for the developers of CRYSIS
and this creator of BLACK ," 5uck reality " yeah then go and make Final Fantacy 15 idiot.

tripewire2784d ago

Im starting to doubt whether he is even making a game.

Colonel-Killzone2784d ago

How is he talking bs ? If anybody is talking bs right now the top of the list would be crytec with their lame crysis 2 hype.

Foxgod2784d ago

Crytek got something to show.
And on the pc it will be the best looking game to date.

soulraver2783d ago

Fox your saying every developer that has a good looking game on the pc and has something to show can talk ish? No.

Torkith2784d ago

Bleh... Was looking forward to seeing what it was at E3.

xabmol2784d ago

I'm hoping it's a new IP!

Or a Mickey Mania sequel! (seriously) xD

xabmol2783d ago

Did you not like Mickey Mania?

Or do you just like sequel after sequel of the same franchise?

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