Vanquish: New info on Gameplay and Story revealed

Today Sega revealed some new information about Vanquish, the upcoming shooter developed by Platinum Games and scheduled for release on PS3 and Xbox 360 this winter.

The new information include the background behind the story, that has finally been described in detail, and quite a lot of juicy bits about the gameplay, focused on the use of the Augmented Reaction Suit.

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Saeveth3005d ago

Eh...not ever been that big on shooters, really. Not since Duck Hunt, at least. :P

Abriael3005d ago

This one doesn't seem to be a pure shooter though, it seems to have elements of a brawler


amn, I love 3rd person shooters!

ChozenWoan3005d ago

but when I saw the debut trailer I was all hyped up for this game. Then I started seeing game engine screen shots and my passion for this game was vanquished in the blink of an eye... pun fully intended.

The trailer was so AAA and well polished, then the screen shots come and they are just 576p "B" grade graphics. I know that there isn't any AA being used so that will help a lot, but there is only so much AA can do for the graphics of a game... and yes I know Gameplay > Graphics but it's not wrong to want them both.

I'm still keeping an eye on this game, and I hope the gameplay videos bring me back to being excited for this title, but I'm just not that into Vanquished right now.

Abriael3005d ago

I'm not sure, honestly. To me the graphics seem very nice, and actually amazingly detailed. Expecially, I love the art direction.

We'll have to see about the resolution though. I certanly hope the final isn't the usual 576p. I'd hate to see them cut corners on this one.

ChozenWoan3005d ago

I have some hope for this game... but not much.

Abriael3005d ago

what really gets my teeth on edge is that developers seems to be using 576p and similar resolutions a lot as a shortcut to achieve performance without optimization lately. Mind you, it's still early to talk about this about Vanquish, we know nothing of what the final resolution will be.

It's just a trend i'm seeing, and a trend I don't like.