Sony Offers 250 Gigabyte Hard Drive Upgrades

Andriasang: For those who feel limited by their PS3's internal hard drive space, Sony has started a service that will upgrade you to a cool 250 gigabytes.

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Nicholas Cage2917d ago

ps3 can upgrade a trigabite. thats alot more than 250g.

Godmars2902917d ago


And I'd pay around $200 - no wait - I could put a 500GB myself for less. that including the drive.

Rumor2917d ago

have the 250gb slim already. i just wish sony differentiated it with the 120gb one(ie on the phats, there was actual shiny metal opposed to the dull plastic on the smaller memory sku's). i feel like sony owes me more than memory and a gray box :/

Ghoul2917d ago

Awesome service guys,

remember this service is no aimed at the hardcore users that know how to edit the hardrive anyway.

What i need is a "upgrade your phat to the slim program" i would pay up to 150 for it.

SnuggleBandit2917d ago

um why not just sell your phat and buy a'll probably cost you less than 150 dude...

Ghoul2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

ok lemme rephrase it to.

a service for everyone to easily upgrade without the hassle of selling and buying and i want them to save all my installed files and savegames.

BaSeBaLlKiD7212917d ago

GameStop had that promotion where you would trade in your phat(any model) and pay less for the Slim, I believe $150. Not sure if it was only when the Slim first came out or if it's still like that today...

Godmars2902917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

I agree, but still, this is the same crowd who were b*tching about the $600 HD Blu-ray player/game system when most standalone players were over $600. Now they're shelling out extra money for something they could do themselves.

Ghoul2917d ago


your probably right about that.

I`m allways easy on these matters.
It`s a Service they offer for those willing to take it.
Every service offered is a good service as long as 1 person is happy with it, the others can skip it :P

ChrisW2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Let me be the first to point out that there's no such thing as a trigabite.

Now, if I were to take a wild guess... I think what you wanted to say was "TERABYTE"

morganfell2917d ago


Why do you want Sony to save all of your files? That is why the PS3 has a back up utility built in that ghosts your drive. Did it first with my 60GB and this weekend I dropped a 640GB into my 120.

Hill_billy2917d ago

But let's be honest here, it has got to be one of the easiest HDD swaps you can find just short of a laptop. It takes about 2 minutes and some change depending on your content.

HolyOrangeCows2917d ago

I'll put in a TB HDD for half that.

jack_burt0n2917d ago

good service for ppl who are 7 degrees of seperation from an N4G user to do it for them :)

ChrisW2917d ago

$130 for a cheap 2TB HDD!

Ghoul2917d ago

as far as i knew the backup doesnt cover all savegames, some are locked to the system and cant be backed up.

thats my last info, if that has been removed or softend up to work 100% with all settings and files im happy.

last time i used backup i missed several savegames from various games.

sikbeta2917d ago


Nop, you're Wrong, is [Trilobite]:

guitarded772917d ago

I heard that too, but I upgraded to a 320gb about a year ago and had no problem with the game save data, however my game data utility came back corrupt and I had to reinstall all my games and redownload and install all updates... took all damn day.

As said in an earlier post, it is an easy swap, but you have to have an external HD and know how to format the external... which is easy money for most of us here on n4g, but most people get confused when you start talking tech stuff, so I can see why this service would appeal to some...

Anon19742917d ago

I couldn't get over how slick the process is.
One, plugin USB and backup with literally 2 clicks.
Two, undo one screw to remove old drive and pop it out.
Three fit new drive into the drive chassis you removed.
Four, pop drive back in and replace that one screw.
Five, go to the menu and restore your backup, again with only a couple of clicks.

They really couldn't have made it any easier, and a year ago a 250GB drive cost me $60 bucks.

GameForFame2917d ago

Cool that they are offering to do this for people, even if people think it's a scam. Might be a bit more expensive than doing it yourself, and a hell of a lot lenghtier than doing it yourself - but if people still don't know how easy it is (including backing up data/restoring) and they're willing to pay, it's no ones fault but their own.

A 12 year old is capable of replacing the HDD in the PS3, it's so simple it's not even remotely funny. Same with backing up and restoring data. It's too simple.

But then again, if someone is willing to pay ... why not. In case no one has realized there are things like this happening all over ... people just too lazy to do some sh** so they pay someone else too.

madpuppy2917d ago

you might want to start with a gigabibble and work your way up to a trigabite.


nycredude2917d ago

Already upgraded both my fatty and my slim.

320 gb Fatty
500 gb slim ($65)!!! Newegg

pixelsword2917d ago

but whatever, I'm sure there's people who will go for it.

jjohan352916d ago

I like the fact that this service can transfer all existing programs over, which the backup utility doesn't offer. This is very useful for me because my brother and I gameshare between our three PS3's.

Anon19742916d ago

When I used the backup/restorebackup all my files transferred over, all save games, all game data, all games I had bought on PSN, expansion packs, etc. What won't copy over with that utility?

jjohan352916d ago

I would hope so too. But it didn't transfer all game programs over to the backup for some reason. I had to redownload some games, particularly the ones from my brother's account.

morganfell2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )


The PS3 backup copies everything. All save games, all passwords, even cookies to websites.

What you can't do with a few games is hand copy savegames with a memory stick.

BWS19822916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

"Edit the harddrive"? Huh?

You mean that 90 second task that involves less work than unpacking and hooking up the PS3?

It's a swap out, it's no more difficult than a last gen memory card insertion/removal but involves an occasionally, tightly-wound screw and a plastic cover. Don't over-complicate it.

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MGOelite2917d ago

ive got a 500gb for £89.99

Arkrite2917d ago

western digital scorpio blue 500gb £54.04 got 1 very good drive
until my fatty popped now using it as external storage
and the fatty got replaced by insurance for a 120gb slim

fOrlOnhOpe572917d ago

my 80 GB phat's hard drive for a while now. Only thing that's put me off is being unable to copy and transfer my SP saves for Killzone 2 - which are protected.

astronautbread2917d ago

you can still back-up saves even if they're protected. you just can't "copy" them.

Bordel_19002917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

And if you buy a new PS3 you can even transfer everything (almost) to the new PS3. Use the Data Transfer utility, you move all the locked save games also. Only thing I had to contact Sony about was all the SingStar songs. Everything else was kept.

Dark_Helmet2917d ago

how about an upgrade to PS2 playback...

kraze072917d ago

That's what I'm waiting for.

mittwaffen2916d ago

I'd run out to buy a PS3 is they added this into the slims.

Never understand why they couldnt make some kind of emulation- I think it might be the PS2 games have issues running on the cell (sony might need to reprogram PS2 games for proper hardware support- who knows.

I'm sure if they could do it they would of already; but its hope im wrong.

tweek_092917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Its a good idea honestly for most people because the majority of people don't even realize that the hard drives are upgradable in the first place. That being said it is a pretty overpriced service. I have a launch 60GB model with a 500GB hard drive I got for about 70 or 80 bucks.

So bottom line, do it yourself. And if you can't, find someone to do it for you!