4 Grenade types spotted in Halo 3 E3 07 trailer

In the new Halo 3 Campaign trailer , 4 grenade types can be found in video at 50sec on Master Chiefs HUD.This video is bound to give us more details with careful analyzing.

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TheFamilyGuy3968d ago

i thought...

1. Human Grenades
2. Convenant Grenades

New ones:
3. Spike Grenades
4. Shield

Daxx3968d ago

The shield is an item, not a gernade.

It didn't show that gernade actually being used though and if it was I don't know what it does. I'm just going to wait and see what Bungie says in it's weekly updates.

i Shank u3968d ago

Somebody below said it, i remember too reading somewhere a little back about smoke grenades, i think someone found somethin on them in the beta code that might have been it.

this is sic, 4 grenades its about fricking time they upped the grenadage in Halo, lost planets got 5 or 6 grenade types and they're all useful, glad to know halo has more this go-round. personally i think an EMP grenade would be tight, alot better then the power drainer since you could actually throw it(bad beta memories of my own powerdrainer killing me or my team).

Arsenic133968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Can i get some bubbles for my awsome find?
I lost a bubble 4 speakin the truth last week.:(

How the f**k do u disagree wit me!?, all i want is some bubbles

Sangheili853968d ago

no offense but you're not the first to find it. Go to the bungie forums there is a list of like 10 things that are new people have spotted.

i Shank u3968d ago

you got + bubbles. dont forget new armor type shown in the Halo drawing that was released. man they love giving new little pieces of info out in sneaky ways. you've turned me into a game crackhead bungie, feel like a frickin sleuth looking for clues. about a game. lol

Arsenic133968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

PS3 gamers talk so much sh*t.

THAMMER13968d ago

Make that 40 ignores for you.

ben hates you3968d ago

but it looks like the grenade from the stories that is like a flashbang

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