Game Revolution: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

Game Revolution writes: "Most Tom Clancy games are stuffed with so much jingoism they practically play "My Country tis' of thee" when you open the box, portraying either Russians, Arabs, or Mexicans as evil, godless heathens who hate freedom and want to eat our babies. The Splinter Cell series (being black-ops games) shows the seedier side of how America handles more delicate situations without all that stars and stripes bullshit... mostly. Conviction, on the other hand, actually makes America out to be the bad guy which makes me wonder if Tom Clancy is going to beat the developers at Ubisoft to death with his over-sized sunglasses for sullying Old Glory the way they did."

+ Fantastic pacing and story
+ Mark and execute
+ Mark and execute (so sweet, it's mentioned twice)
+ Intriguing story that is sans-jingo
+ Great co-op modes
- Iraq level

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