Windows Live Messenger for iPhone unveiled

Tom Warren of NeoWin writes:

"Today we can exclusively unveil the first official screenshots of Windows Live Messenger for iPhone. The application will arrive in June alongside the rest of Windows Live Wave 4. According to our sources, Microsoft will unveil the next generation of Windows Live Messenger tomorrow but will not ship bits to public beta until June. A limited private beta is expected to take place in May."

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electricshadow2950d ago

That's great. Now make the Mac version not suck as much. Maybe add webcam support. It isn't 2001 still.

Raypture2950d ago

Theres a version for mac? I know theres that Adium thing but iirc it isn't endorsed by microsoft.

I hope they don't charge for this, otherwise people will just be using stuff like e-buddy

LoVeRSaMa2950d ago

Looks ok to be honest, I wont be switching though until it surpasses BeejiveIM, but it does have lots of potential of course, perhaps the most compatibility.

vickers5002950d ago

Hopefully we can get a palm pre version.

llMurcielagoll2950d ago

This is great news. Indeed lets hope it wont be a sucky version of WL messenger for example my BlackBerry version, can't talk to appear offline peeps nor nudge them which is a pain in the @$$

I liked the screenshot where the guy said "yes I am bringing the potato salad" haha