Shattered Dreams-iPhone Video Chat Might Be Wi-Fi Only

matt buchanan of Gizmodo writes:

"Code trickles promised video chat hiding inside iPhone OS 4, raising hopes and inflating sci-fi fantasies. Now code snippets bring us back to earth, that iPhone video calling might be real but only over Wi-Fi."

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Blaze9293030d ago

Well that seems kind of like a "duh" situation. At least here in the states where video calling isn't that big. Why would they (AT&T) allow that when they can't even handle tethering yet for the iPhone.

On top of that, as a consumer, who would we even use video chat with? Would be a waste of money (if charged as a separate plan by AT&T) to play guessing game of who has a iphone 4g you can video chat with or has iChat.

Perkel3030d ago

here in poland video chat has the same price like normal call..