Ballmer on Natal: 'The most exciting product we'll bring to market this year'

Microsoft is launching a lot of products in calendar 2010. Which of them is the most "interesting" and potentially groundbreaking?

According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer - who spoke to a group of executives in Bogota, Columbia on April 26 - that distinction belongs to Microsoft's Project Natal, a gesture-based game controller that Microsoft will be previewing at the upcoming E3 show and launching this holiday season.

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xaviertooth2858d ago

why? because bots will have the chance to abuse milo?

Anorexorcist2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Having a little crumb-cruncher messing around and playing virtual hopscotch will his new virtual BFF Milo just doesn't seem to be a convincing marketing image for core gamers.

-Alpha2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I find it bloody well evident that that's exactly who Natal is aimed towards. At least for now. I'm waiting on E3 to see if/how they will appeal it to core gamers.

Also, Balmer's statement: duh. What other product do they have to bring to the market this year? Slim 360 maybe, but obvious PR talk is obvious. And pointless. Better than "Zomg, we has best motionz" I guess.

I'm excited for Natal though. I think AI has a chance to be unique and innovative with Natal if developers use it well. I ultimately am still "meh" on motion. E3 should change that this year.

Gantrfaxx2858d ago

Most exciting??? Then the other products must suck really bad, as far as I'm concerned Natal doesn't seem like something that special. Unless they show something really big at E3.

tripewire2858d ago

Is that even a believable spot to have a TV that size in? Where do the people sit when they ain't using Natal?

jjohan352857d ago

I'm not going to be clearing my living/family room space just to play catch with a big red ball. Sorry but Halo Reach is far more exciting than this gimmick.

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Meryl2858d ago

i wish ms would stop hyping this and show the evidence all we have have seen is that one game, we need more than that because so far all i am not impressed

dtrain212858d ago

How retarded are you. Maybe they are preparing for E3 and hyping it up wit "free press" without marketing. After they show it then you'll see more games and marketing. Nobody is talking about Move anymore and will not be the hot item this holiday.

IRetrouk2858d ago

you honestly believe eyetoy2.0 is gona beat move? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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The story is too old to be commented.