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"Before I started playing Alan Wake, I had no idea what kind of experience I was going to get. From the looks of the screen-shots, and videos that were previously released, it felt like it was going to be just another survival-horror game. Today, I managed to run through the first episode of Alan Wake, and my initial impression? It already gave me the chills by just watching the opening scene. Without spoiling anything of the story in the intro of the game, Alan Wake reminds me of Silent Hill; dark & creepy. If you're a fan of any Silent Hill game, you will feel some nostalgia when you first play the game; after that, it's a totally new experience." - Just Push Start

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Cylon2952d ago

But your websites background is Alan Wake, so credibility is an issue here.

Natsu X FairyTail2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

that's just promotion for any new games coming out. I think they had SplinterCell conviction bout 2weeks ago.

Hallmark Moment2952d ago

If you read >Cylon's< posts you will find him to be a 360 hater. They're running out of excuses.

Back to the article.
I think the character models are on par if not better than any other game in this genre. I'm glad to hear the game is shaping up to be top notch, I did not know about the light and Alan Wakes health.

omegaheat2952d ago

Exactly what game or games was he comparing Alan Wake to? "Alan Wake’s graphics can be considered as good in some way. The environments and the lighting of the game are phenomenal but when it comes to the character models, it doesn’t look that good". That quote made no sense at all. I think even the most biased viewer would acknowlege Alan Wake's character models as some of the best out there. Why the hate?

Hallmark Moment2952d ago

Yeah I got that to, it seems like he did not want to admit the game's quality to the fullest. He tried very hard to squeeze in some hate for Alan Wake but at the same time not wanting to look like it was forced because the average gamer would know he is full of it by reading previews or looking at the game.

Biggest2952d ago

Do you know what would REALLY show this guy how crazy he is for not noticing how Alan Wake is on par with the best? Comparisons. Let's get some of those going.

Hallmark Moment2952d ago

Poor >biggest< he's been hating hard in Alan Wake articles. Don't get so worked up over 360 games it's not good for your health.

Biggest2952d ago

You don't think a comparison of video game character models would be the best way to decide that the Alan Wake character models are in fact as good or better than any other video game character models? This line of thinking confuses some people I see.

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DigitalAnalog2952d ago

LOL, sorry I had to pull that quote out!

-End statement

clintos592952d ago

And your going to complain just because he stated the obvious. He even states the game looks phenomenal which based on gameplay videos & screenshots hes not lying. I actually thought that the game looked amazing but u can see that alan himself isnt the best of character models weve seen in a game but he also aint the worst looking character model either. He looks good enough for me to not even care about how he looks.

Just be happy the game looks amazing & looks to be my type of game since silent hill was creepy as hell. Hope AW scares the sh!t out of me, I miss playing scary games like this. Cant wait to play this, should be creepy & fun at the same time.