Final Fantasy V and VI Have "Technical Issues" on DS

Andirasang: Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto updated the Square Enix Members Twitter yesterday with a peculiar message concerning future Final Fantasy DS titles.

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tweet753035d ago

They could use the same exact graphics engine. This sounds like laziness to me.

Myze3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

I've always felt that if they did a remake of FFVI on a handheld, especially something with as little power as the current handhelds, it would be a huge waste. FFVI is better than FFVII by a wide margin, in my opinion. So when everyone asks for a FFVII remake on an HD console, I always hold out hope for an HD remake of VI. I think the level of marketing and wide audience for VII buries VI for a lot of people, who probably never got a chance to play VI, or felt no need to, because of it's "dated" 2-D graphics.

Of course, I would prefer for Squenix to just get their act together and make a FF game worthy of FFIV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X (and Tactics).

fatstarr3035d ago

there is exactly no technical difficulties
my gba could play ff V and VI
no one on the ds wants a port
thats what the gba was for

laziness indeed i smell it.

or maybe they want to put it on the psp. who knows...

i think remakes should wait. we need something to drool over next gen

ViciousBoston3035d ago

I am actually replaying 6 as we speak. Such an epic game, it needs a HD remix with 7.

Allowen3035d ago

I would not mind a FF6 remake for the DS or even the new incoming Nintendo D3S .

It is hard and expencive to fidn an original new copy of FF6 for the GBA.
It was fun to replay FF3 and FF4 remakes on the DS so I am looking forward to see FFSIX !

wicko3035d ago

FF6 deserves more than a DS remake IMO. I know it will never happen but it definitely deserves it.

SpoonyRedMage3035d ago

I wonder what issues they are(if any)?

I think this is basically a cryptic way of saying: "No DS remakes, they'll be on the 3DS instead" becuase I don't think Nintendo wants people announcing 3DS games just yet.

ShinGundam3035d ago

Maybe FFIII -> FFIV sales decline and series of flops like Saga and Lufia.

SpoonyRedMage3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Nah, I doubt it. They still heavily supported the DS even still and they had a share of flops on the PS2 as well.

I don't think SaGa 2 remake counts though, it's mainly Blood of Bahamut, Cross Treasures and Lufia.

The decline also has a pretty logical reason, FFIII is the first remake of the original and the only version available in the west whilst FFIV is available on SNES, PS1, GBA, DS, Wii(in the US) and others. Plus FFIV still made big bucks for them(and is one of their more successful games this gen).

Plus the team who made the remakes was busy porting FFIV: The After Years to Wiiware and then making FF Gaiden.

EDIT: Plus I'm not sure how much bearing other series has on it because after all their most successful game in Japan(ever!) is a DS game but they haven't exaclty shifted over more support since then, in fact they've wound down which indicates to me that they knew about the 3DS. I wouldn't be surpised,Yuji Horii was one of the first people shown the Wiimote and Akitoshi Kawazu is pretty close to Nintendo.

Foxgod3035d ago

They should just put it on the 3DS, will do a lot more justice.

PS360WII3035d ago

I agree with most of you. The "technical issue" is that it's on 3DS ;)

nepeon3034d ago

There are no issues at all! They are trying to prevent piracy from taking money away from them if they release it. Right now the DS is blooming with piracy and they are just trying to find new ways to block them before they release FF6 and so on. Don't believe them they can if they want to bring this to the DS and DS carts can hold more!

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