E3 2010: Dead Space 2 Showing To Make R.E. Franchise Irrelevant

Resident Evil once known as the king of Survival Horror has lost it's crown. Dead Space was a sleeper surprise hit for EA and visceral games and Dead Space 2 is going to capitalize at E3 in a major way this year.

Resident Evil is such a great franchise and still is a great franchise but judging by the latest iteration of the game, in comparison to the new IP Dead Space, it's time that capcom takes the R.E. franchise and go back again to the drawing board.

Dead Space has the graphics, the action, the suspense, and the chill factor for the ultimate true next gen survival horror experience.

E3 2010 we will be blown away by this title so stay tuned for more details coming shortly but in the mean time check out the Video Article Below. Steve P. was nice enough to do a 1 on 1 interview with Michael Williamson A.K.A. DaSolidProof and below is a breakdown of how the Q&A went.

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Natsu X FairyTail2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

HHG smh.

"Resident Evil is such a great franchise and still is a great franchise but judging by the latest iteration of the game, in comparison to the new IP Dead Space, it's time that capcom takes the R.E. franchise and go back again to the drawing board."

It's funny when I read this because I remember the DeadSpace devs saying that the 2nd IP will be far more action paced than the 1st one.

That's exactly what happened with RE5 and probably what might happen in DeadSpace2.

Bereaver2949d ago

Yeah, but you never can tell. It might turn out to be epic.

And, besides the corny cut scenes, RE5 wasn't THAT bad. I mean, yes, it wasn't as epic feeling as the older ones. But, it was fun to play.

DarK-SilV2949d ago

you should have watched the video before writing this

sutton322949d ago

I Have no problem watching this guys videos but why cant he keep still he waves his arms around like some sort of retard.

Hill_billy2949d ago

Let's be honest, RE5 was the one game that made the RE franchise irrelevant. Dead Space is the new RE IMHO.

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ClownBelt2949d ago

I don't know...Dead Space 1 already made RE franchise irrelevant.

BkaY2949d ago

i guess not but RE5 yes....

i am playing dead space 1 ... its quite scary..


gamingisnotacrime2949d ago

in terms of present (RE5), so yeah that is right
RE5 made the franchise irrelevant in its own genre

Cylon2949d ago

RE5 made the RE franchise irrelevant, that and the crappy movies

swiftshot932949d ago

God dammit I am so freaking excited for this game! I CANT wait!

Dellis2949d ago

Dead Space was a flop, it will never reach the claasic IP status of RE series.

Dead Space 2 is nothing but a joke now, EA figure then it didn't sell because it was too scary, so they will make it an action game type.

Resident Evil 5 isn't any better, but the series already made its

Dead Space is a total flop, if a game doesn't sell it doesn't deserve
a sequel.

sam22362949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

If Dead Space was a flop then would you care to explain why there's a sequal currently in development?

Ignorant retard. You haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about.

Bolts2949d ago

There is a grain of truth in all of this. I couldn't get very far in Dead Space because I was petrified from fear. Either that or it's because my character is slug like and I'm stuck in a crappy viewing angle. Which is why Doom 3 is still my favorite action horror game. For all it's faults and monster closets the game did provide me with the ability fully defend myself.

DARK WITNESS2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

wooooww, woo, hold on one min...

Are you saying then that sales = quality. Because for the longest time on this site the running argument has been that sales do not always equal quality.

A great game is a great game and in my book only great games really deserve sequels.

You have to take into account as well that Dead space released during one of the busiest times of year as well. Games like Fallout 3, fable 2, farcry 2 all released pretty much the same week... I remember because I bought all 3 of those games on the same day and Dead Space is the only game out of the lot I finished more then once and is still in my collection of games.

It had a great story, great art style, sci-fi theme, great weapon and game play design ( yes you could say it borrowed from a lot of other games but it actually got every right and used them beautifully ).

If you could not get into the game because you found it to scary, GOOD ! it's meant to be scary and it means the dev's actually did a good job. sure some people would not find it scary at all, just like some people don't find any horror movies scary, but if a whole cinema was full of people watching a horror movie and NOBODY found the film scary you would leave thinking something must have been wrong with the film or they did a really bad job.

If you thought the main character was a slug, then I would have to say the Main character in Res 5 must be half paralytic or something.. he can't even hold and gun and walk at the same time.
Dead space proved you can make a game scary, suspenseful without having to gimp the controls unlike Capcom who made Chris feel like a retard !

It's all opinion and your welcome to keep yours, but I am thankful they are making a sequel to it.

I am a little worried about the dev's early comments about making it more action based, but I will just have to see how it goes.

Dead Space was my GOTY for 2008 and I enjoyed it way way more then resistance 2 or gears 2, and it's still my favorite new IP this gen.

As far as Res making a name for itself, well it did that 2 gens back on the ps1 and then on the ps2. Gaming has changed since those generations and in my opinion the mass of gamers out there have a very different appreciation for the games available now.. just look at how many people bought into MW2 despite all the crap that went on with it.

Most gamers seem to care about nothing more then what platform it's on, how good does it look graphically and does it have iron sight ! You only need to look at 90% of the articles and comments round here to get a feel for whats changing in our gaming culture.

Anyway I think I have said enough. I can't vouch for how good Dead Space 2 is going to be and I wont say it will be the best game ever because I have seen dev's do the impossible and F- k up IPs going from the first to the sequel. However, Dead Space on is most definitely a classic in my book.

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