GTA III $2.50 Rockstar Week Short Sale on Steam

Another Rockstar Week lightening sale as Grand Theft Auto III has been slashed by 75% and can be picked up for just $2.50 through 10 PM Pacific tonight.


The sale has ended.

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XxRoosterxX3002d ago

was on sale for the same price yesterday.

Still one of my favorite games of all time.

As for GTA3, love it, but never finished it. The map and aim system were just to cumbersome in the first 3D GTA.

Johnny_Cojones3002d ago

Awesome. Now I just need the obvious San Andreas sale, & I'll have the whole collection on Steam. I've had Vice City for a long time, & I have San Andreas on disc, but I love the convenience of Steam.

electricshadow3002d ago

My favourite GTA game of all time. I must've beat it at least 20 times.