Final Fantasy XIII $29.99 at Kmart

Original-Gamer: "On May 4-10, Kmart will have several games on sale. The biggest will be Final Fantasy XIII for the crazy price of $29.99. Bayonetta and Aliens vs. Predator will also be on sale for $29.99 with Nier dropping in price for that week to $44.99."

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NewZealander3003d ago

not kmart here in new zealand, they are doing so bad they stopped selling games.

Forbidden_Darkness3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Well im defiently buying FF13 when may 4th comes around,glad i waited.

tmj3003d ago

Lucky guy. I'm still waiting for a Kmart to show. :(

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

I wonder how many Kmarts are left.

Most of the Kmart stores around me have closed down, and the few that are left are like a ghost town.

Walmart has pretty much killed them off.

Blaster_Master3003d ago

Im done buying games day one.

MeatAbstract3003d ago

To anyone in the UK its only £30 in GAME at the moment.

t0n3y3003d ago

I just bought it for £27.95 from

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