MAG Double XP Weekend Starts April 29

With our free "Fast Attack" Gear Pack headed to the PlayStation Store on April 29, it seems like the perfect window to bring back a favorite event of ours here at Zipper Interactive, the Double XP weekend!

Starting at 12am Pacific/3am Eastern/ 8am GMT on April 29, any player who logs onto MAG and plays as they normally do will receive Double XP. Of course, this bonus also extends to Veterans who already have an XP bonus of their own (go percentile stacking!), so if you've been around for awhile the rewards are even higher! Just be sure to complete every game you play, as the bonus is not applied until the end of a match – quit early, and the bonus will not activate.

Our MAG Fast Attack Gear Pack Double XP promotion will run until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Sunday, May 2.

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VileAndVicious3037d ago

Double XP is cool and all...But I seriously need some new content about now...
and not some sorry half ass-ed attempt at adding new weapons (that arent really new by the way)

C'mon zipper dont let me down.